Adin Ross banned on Twitch for allegedly using a homophobic slur

Streamer Adin Ross has been banned from the purple platform (Image via Adin Ross, Twitch)
Streamer Adin Ross has been banned from the purple platform (Image via Adin Ross, Twitch)

Adin Ross is one of the most prominent Twitch streamers. However, his recent action will likely blemish his profile. After allegedly using a homophobic slur on stream, Ross was handed a ban by the moderators.

Ross was a Twitch Partner, so he was a high-profile streamer. But Twitch moved swiftly after the alleged slur was discovered. It's a shocking ban and this outcome reinforces that Twitch will take action against a streamer of any stature found in violation of their TOS.

Adin Ross courted a Twitch ban after his stream was flagged

StreamerBans announced that Ross was banned around 5:00 pm EST. Currently, the ban is indefinite for the former star who has suddenly fallen from grace.

❌ Twitch Partner "AdinRoss" (@adinross) has been banned! ❌ #ban #fifthban #partner #twitchpartner 🔠

The slur allegedly happened several days ago, but Twitch just rolled out the ban for Ross. Twitter user GUARD Hunter caught the stream and recorded the audio for playback.

Streamer @adinross dropped the f slur on @YourRAGEz stream yesterday - and you can immediately hear YR scream and cut audio before coming back and trying to say that it was his friend "Alan" and that people just misheard

At about the 00:40 second mark in the above video, Ross appears to drop the slur. Ross will likely appeal the ban and hope for a reduction in its tenure. As GUARD Hunter mentioned, some believe Ross said "Alan."

While the duration of the ban remains unknown, Twitch will likely take this matter seriously. The streaming platform cannot afford a controversy that might alienate a sizable section of content creators and consumers.

Adin Ross has been banned four times before (Image via Adin Ross, Twitch)
Adin Ross has been banned four times before (Image via Adin Ross, Twitch)

The news has made waves worldwide, with several notable streamers flocking to Twitter with opinions. Jake Lucky was not surprised by Ross' response to the situation.

Adin Ross blatantly lying about not knowing why he was banned by Twitch. Lmao what a surprise

GUARD Hunter echoed that sentiment and believes that Ross' response was irresponsible.

Adin Ross continuing an act of ignorance and pretending that it wasn't him on stream is ridiculously irresponsible, so no I can't say I'm mad at an indefinite ban

At least one user is pleased with Ross' absence from the platform. Given that the information is scant, the streamer may return in the future.

Adin Ross banned from Twitch permanently, out next generation is saved.🙌

It's clear from the audience's reaction that Ross had many naysayers. Some in the community have voiced concerns about his behavior for a while.

Adin Ross perma banned. I can sleep so well tonight.

However, not everyone is pleased with the ban.

Another user thought the punishment didn't fit the crime.

Never understood why people celebrate when content creators lose they platforms. Adin Ross isn’t perfect but he doesn’t deserve to lose his platform. I hate this app bro. Twitch is buggin for that

Adin Ross is one of the latest to come under the scanner of the platform as it vigorously enforces its TOS. Given that he has been banned several times before, this might be his final straw. Audiences will get more clarity on the situation in the days to come.

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