Adin Ross copyright drama: HasanAbi promises to pay legal fees for anyone suing the Kick streamer

HasanAbi talks about suing Adin Ross over false copyright claims (Image via Sportskeeda)
HasanAbi talks about suing Adin Ross over false copyright claims (Image via Sportskeeda)

Twitch streamer HasanAbi took aim at Kick streamer Adin Ross during his latest stream, following the news that Ross had falsely copyright-struck a smaller YouTuber, causing them to lose out on thousands of dollars in revenue. In response, HasanAbi pledged to personally fund any legal action taken against Ross.

The two streamers have a history of feuding over what constitutes appropriate streaming content, and this recent incident marks just the latest clash in a series of indirect confrontations between the two this year.

He stated:

"I will literally personally pay the legal fees of other f*cking Instagram models and people who now hate Adin Ross, who have appeared on his stream, to sue him for every f*cking dime he has if he keeps this dumb sh*t up."

Why is HasanAbi saying he might sue Adin Ross? The copyright drama explained

The context of the latest gripe that Piker has with Adin Ross stems from a video of the Kick streamer bragging about stealing money from a YouTuber who goes by the name Internet Anarchist, for using a clip from his stream in a video about Sneako and MoistCr1TiKaL. In it, Ross clearly states:

"Put a W in the chat, we stole $8,000 from him. W! He needed that, yes!"

HasanAbi, who is famous for not enforcing copyright strikes when others use clips from his stream for content, was quite angry at what Adin was doing by claiming videos that even briefly mentioned his name or used clips and videos from his stream.

The Turkish-American streamer went on a very long rant about how Adin Ross was basically falsely claiming videos and even brought up one of his videos about him debating Andrew Tate on Adin's stream that had been claimed by the controversial Kick streamer. In a tweet quoting Internet Anarchist's post, he wrote:

"You false striked me as well for a video I was in and here you are, dumb enough to celebrate false copystriking people. @adinross hitting new levels of stupidity I never knew were reachable"

Timestamp 2:03:30

During his stream, HasanAbi elaborated on the potential repercussions for Adin Ross, pointing out that by falsely claiming copyright on all clips that include third-party guests on his channel, Ross has exposed himself to the possibility of being sued by any individual who has appeared on his stream. The Just Chatting Streamer of the Year said:

"... he[Adin] is f*cking up the bag for himself. This will open up an opportunity, if it goes to courts, for people that he collaborates with without signing a release form, to sue him. So every Instagram model that has ever appeared on his streams could turn around and sue him for every f*cking dollar that he has. Do you understand?"

How social media reacted to the clip

The majority of Redditors on r/LivestreamFail agreed with HasanAbi's statements and expressed support for taking legal action against Adin Ross. Here are some notable reactions.

Redditors want Adin sued (Image via r/LivestreamFail)
Redditors want Adin sued (Image via r/LivestreamFail)
Redditors debating the copyright rules (Image via r/LivestreamFail)
Redditors debating the copyright rules (Image via r/LivestreamFail)

HasanAbi has also clashed with others about Adin Ross, and a recent debate with Trainwreckstv went viral on the internet.

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