Hasanabi calls out Trainwreckstv for not banning Adin Ross after streaming adult content on Kick, calls him a hypocrite

HasanAbi confronted Trainwreckstv over Adin Ross
HasanAbi confronts Trainwreckstv over Adin Ross's s*xually explicit stream on Kick (Image via Sportskeeda)

One major highlight of HasanAbi and Trainwreckstv's viral livestream spat from yesterday was when the former confronted the latter on the topic of Adin Ross facing no consequences after showing adult content on his Kick stream a few weeks ago.

The controversy, along with a few other incidents, was a big deal at the time, with many raising concerns about the platform's moderation.

Hours into the debate when two streamers were supposedly settling their differences, HasanAbi called out Trainwrecsktv for his apparent hypocrisy by letting Adin Ross scot-free for streaming s*xually explicit content on Kick. The latter is supposedly an advisor on the platform and has had negative opinions about hot tube streamers in the past.

"He [Adin Ross] didn't even get banned for showing minors p*rn on Kick? That's crazy! You're one of the co-owners, aren't you?"

Can Trainwreckstv ban streamers on Kick? HasanAbi confronts him for not banning Adin Ross after streaming s*xually explicit content

Hours into the "debate" moderated by xQc, the two streamers got to the Adin Ross question. "HasanAbi" Piker called out Tyler "Trainwreckstv" for not doing anything after Ross streamed adult content on Kick, despite holding an anti-hot tub streamer stance in the past.

Readers should also note that Adin Ross himself was accused of hypocrisy at the time due to his own views about hot tub streamers.

As the discussion heated up, Piker said:

"Ironically, you started off talking about how much you hated ti**y streamers or f*cking hot tub streamers and the meta was awful. And now you have p*rn on your platform. Now, you got one of your main f*cking poster boys of Kick, showing p*rn to minors. So maybe you now recognize the importance of moderation, especially as it pertains to an overall platform."

Trainwreckstv responded:

"Let me respond to that. First of all, me going on a rant about ti**y streamers four years ago or however long ago that was—"

For context, this is the controversial clip from 2017 that is being referenced here.

Trigger warning: Misogyny.

The Just Chatting Streamer of the Year interrupted the answer, asking if he had changed his mind about hot tub streaming:

"So, your positions have changed?"

After talking for a while, Trainwreckstv responded in the affirmative and countered it with:

"Can you change? Can you change? Let me ask you that, can only your friends change?"

Timestamp 5:32:58

HasanAbi was okay with the argument, but vehemently objected to minors being shown s*xually explicit content:

"Yeah of course, if your positions have changed then it's wonderful. I'm glad. But I don't think your positions have changed so much that it's okay to show minors p*rn, right? I don't think that's the case, right?

Trainwreckstv's response:

"Of course not! That's definitely weird as hell for him to do that."

HasanAbi continued to press the question, asking whether Adin Ross was banned or not:

"How many days did he get banned for that, off of Kick? How many days did Adin Ross get banned of Kick for that?"

Trainwreckstv replied by saying he doesn't have the power to ban people but can only give advice:

"That's not in my power, but I push for it all the time for these things to be bannable."

Moments later, he would say he advised a 24-hour ban, which did not sit right with HasanAbi either, who asked if people would be okay with Twitch doing the same while calling it double standards. Trainwreckstv currently works as an advisor to Kick and has acted as their official source of information on upcoming updates to the platform on more than one occasion.

Interestingly, he has also publicly tweeted out to people banned for s*xually explicit actions and reassured them that Kick's punishments won't be like that of Twitch. Here is a tweet thread of him talking to a streamer who had oral s*x on stream and got banned for one day:

For comparison, the controversial streamer, who had intercourse on a Twitch livestream back in September 2022, received a seven-day ban. It was a decision that caused a backlash.

Twitter reactions

Here are a few Twitter reactions to the clip of HasanAbi and Trainwreckstv, talking about Adin Ross showing p*rn on Kick:

Despite its many controversies, Kick, with its lucrative revenue split system, has attracted many streamers. Here's a comparison between the Stake-owned platform and Twitch for those interested.

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