Adin Ross finally unbanned from Twitch after a month

Adin Ross was unbanned on Twitch on June 4, 2022 (Image via AdinRoss/Twitter)
Adin Ross was unbanned on Twitch on June 4, 2022 (Image via AdinRoss/Twitter)

Twitch streamer Adin Ross was finally unbanned from the livestreaming platform on June 4, 2022. The automated Twitter bot and streamer ban notification account, StreamerBans, provided an update earlier today and clarified that he had served a month-long ban period.

The Twitch content creator was banned for the fifth time on April 21, 2022. He was handed an indefinite suspension and several members of the streaming community began to speculate that he had been perma-banned from the platform.

Fans react to Adin Ross getting unbanned

Adin's unban update was a trending topic on multiple social media platforms, including Twitter and Reddit. More than 340 fans could be found in the Twitter conversation thread and several were happy to see their favorite streamer back on Twitch after a month-long ban.

Some fans called the day streamer got unbanned the best day ever.

Some Twitter users were unaware that the famous Twitch streamer was banned for a month.

An Adin Ross fan claimed that the influencer had lost several followers, while another replied by blaming Twitch for the loss of followers.

A reaction thread on the streamer-focused subreddit r/LivestreamFail had more than 120 fans commenting on the streamer's unban update. Several were pleasantly surprised about Adin getting unbanned during Pride Month.

A Redditor spoke about last year's Pride Month controversy featuring the most popular Minecraft content creator, Dream.

Some Redditors were not happy with this and stated that Adin should've remained banned on Twitch.

u/Dels1n was looking forward to xQc and Adin's collaborative streams.

Why was Adin Ross banned?

The streaming community was stunned after they came to know that Adin was indefinitely banned from the platform. At the time, fans came up with several possible reasons for his suspension; however, one in particular was seen as the catalyst for his fifth ban.

The incident on April 12 could be considered the starting point of the controversy, when Adin allegedly used a homophobic slur while on a call with his friend and fellow content creator YourRAGE.

The clip of him saying the f-word went viral on the social media platform. YourRAGE replied to the allegations by stating that it was not Adin but someone else who was trying to impersonate him.

Nine days after the incident, Adin was indefintely banned from the platform and he provided an update by sharing the official email received from Twitch.

According to Twitch staff, the streamer was indefinitely suspended because he used hateful slurs and symbols and insulted another person with a hateful slur on stream. Adin deleted the tweet soon thereafter.

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