Adin Ross gets swatted for the fifth time, reveals threatening message the alleged swatter sent

Adin Ross gets swatted for the third time since August (Image via Sportskeeda)
Adin Ross gets swatted for the third time since August (Image via Sportskeeda)

Twitch star Adin Ross has publicized the alarming interaction with his alleged swatter in addition to sharing a video of the subsequent swat. For those who are not aware, this is the fifth time that the streamer has been swatted and the fourth time since August 2022.

Adin fell prey to the incident in August when his stream was interrupted by four officers. In November, he was swatted again, this time twice in one week, after someone had placed a false report against his name.

He revealed that the perpetrator had gotten in touch with him to let him know that unless the streamer stops engaging with "black" people in his streams, he will continue to place such faux calls to the police. Adin Ross disclosed that the alleged swatter said:

"I'm gonna continue to swat you"

Adin Ross swatted for the third time in 2022, shares concerning footage

Earlier this month, Adin Ross had a live one-on-one chat with his alleged swatter. The unknown individual also revealed that he had made a false report against IShowSpeed, who was also swatted in August.

The perpetrator shockingly revealed that he decided to swat Adin due to the unreturned messages. He said:

"Well, I mean, do you remember that one conversation we had a long time ago and I said, 'If you keep ignoring me and being a weirdo, I'm going to get your door f*cking bashed in?'"

It is unclear, however, if this is the same individual that Adin talked about in today's stream. He said:

"The dude literally said, 'Adin Ross, until you stop having black people on your stream, I'm gonna continue to swat you,' well you gonna swat me, everyday bro...I don't care, you're racist as f**k bro, you're weird as f**k bro, that sh*t is so weird and strange."

Later on his Twitter account, Adin shared footage of police cars approaching his place of residence. In the video, he said:

"This is what you guys wanted bro. This is what y'all f**king wanted bro...seriously f**k you guys for putting me and my friend's lives at f**king risk and danger bro..."

How the internet reacted

Seeing the swatting incident, the internet shared a host of reactions from the popular subreddit page r/LivestreamFail to Twitter. Here are some of the notable reactions:

Here are some of the Twitter reactions:

Swatting is an age-old issue faced by many streamers. Calls for stringent anti-swatting policies and actions have gone unanswered for many years. The community is in unison when it comes to such issues and has continuously appealed to the authorities for viable steps to be taken to avoid such occurrences.

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