"Nah, too far!" - Adin Ross gets swatted for the fourth time, abruptly ends livestream

Adin Ross was swatted for the fourth time on November 13, 2022 (Image via AdinRoss/Twitch)
Adin Ross was swatted for the fourth time on November 13, 2022 (Image via AdinRoss/Twitch)

Twitch streamer Adin Ross was swatted for the fourth time during his livestream on November 13.

Ross was notified by an acquaintance that he was being swatted yet again. A few moments later, he received a phone call from one of the security personnel, Ant, confirming that police had arrived at his home.

Adin Ross abruptly ended his broadcast 12 minutes later, saying:

"All right, yo. I'm really off this s**t now. I'm done. All right, chat. I'm not. I'm done! I'm done with this s**t! Out of here. Now, this is getting too far. No, no! I'm done. No, no, no, I don't care. I don't give a f**k, bro! F**k outta here, bro! All right. Nah, too far! One thing to go for me, but other people? Nah! F**k that!"

Adin Ross gets swatted two times in the same week

During his November 13 livestream, Ross was informed that he was being swatted for the second time in the same week. He said he would continue livestreaming to record the footage for his safety.

At one point during the stream, the Los Angeles-based content creator noticed several police officers on his property when he looked at the security camera. He stated:

"So wack! There's nine cops outside. I see the camera. Wow! Look at how many cops there are! Come here! Look at my phone! Look, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight. I think so. Wow!"

Adin Ross was seen on his phone texting someone before ending his livestream. He expressed frustration at the situation, asserting that he no longer cared and that he was "done."

The 22-year-old bid farewell to his audience and ended the livestream after suggesting that the swatter had gone "too far." He stated:

"I'm done, bro. I don't know when I'll go live next. F***ing, I don't know. Done, bro! Hope you have a good night. Hope you guys have a good Saturday. F***ing... f***ing sleep well. F***ing, I don't know, bro. Just stay safe."

Fans react to the streamer getting swatted once again

The broadcast's final moments were shared to the r/LivestreamFail subreddit, and the reaction thread quickly gained traction. Here's what the streaming community on Reddit had to say:

For context, Adin Ross was swatted for the third time on November 10. Before being asked to leave his room, the streamer revealed that he knew the identity of the swatter, claiming that it was a "16-year-old kid."

Adin Ross was handed a temporary 26-minute ban after being swatted on the livestream.