"It was bad!" - Adin Ross reveals how his security saved him from an alleged armed robbery

Adin Ross provides details on a harrowing experience at Miami, Florida (Images via Adin Ross/Twitter)
Adin Ross provides details on a harrowing experience at Miami, Florida (Images via Adin Ross/Twitter)

Twitch sensation Adin Ross recently met up with fellow Twitch star Kai Cenat on October 25. While conversing, the former revealed that he was allegedly almost robbed in Miami and explained how his security personnel saved his life.

Adin Ross stated that he encountered a "two-man" armed robbery while dining at Wingstop. It all began when he was approached by a man who appeared to be homeless.

One of his security personnel, whom Adin Ross referred to as Ant, spotted the 'homeless' person's brand new Air Jordan shoes and suspected that something was wrong.

Ross stated that Ant pulled out his gun after noticing another person with a "stuffed backpack" nearby acting suspiciously. The Twitch streamer then said:

"Yeah bro, it was bad! Like, I actually almost got like, f***ing armed robbed. Right outside Wingstop. It was insane!"

Adin Ross shares recalls how he almost got robbed in Miami

At the two-hour mark of Ross' October 25 broadcast, the American personality shared a story about a Wingstop enounter in Miami, Florida:

"I don't think I have told my chat this story. Did I tell you the story about how I almost died at Wingstop? I swear to god. I was in Miami. All my Miami people know about Overtown and you know about Little Haiti. I was in that area, I was at the Wingstop. And I had security. Thank god I had security, bro! They would've robbed and killed me."

Adin Ross stated that he experienced a harrowing encounter during the time when American rapper and singer Rakim "PnB Rock" Hasheem Allen passed away. He claimed that he had a "realization" and urged Kai Cenat to get security staff for himself:

"It's actually a scary story because this happened the day before PnB Rock passed and I had like a very... it's kind of like a realization. RIP PnB Rock. That's why; this is why I feel like... Kai, I got mad at Speed, I don't know what your situation is for security. But you need security too, motherf***ker, because you never know."

Adin Ross began recalling the incident, saying that the robber did not realize that the streamer was with his security personnel:

"But let me explain. I'll sum it up. So, I went to Wingstop. You know Ant, you met Ant, he was right here (streamer points at his left-hand side) and Will. And I was right here (streamer points at his right-hand side), with my boys. And they didn't know we were together. So, a guy walked in and 'faked being homeless' and he had, like, really nice shoes on. Ant saw the shoes, I didn't see it. He had, like, Jordans on. Like, brand new Jordans but he faked homeless."

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Adin Ross alleged that the attempted armed robbery was a "two-man job" and that another person with a stuffed backpack was also at the scene. After the streamer received his Winsgtop order, the second individual reached for his backpack, prompting Ross' security personnel to draw their weapons:

"And he walked inside, he asked for water and he left. It's a two-man job. And another guy came with a backpack and he had a stuffed backpack. Anyways, I got my order, I walked outside. As soon as I walked outside, the guy with the backpack; it's like, I walked out, it's like this, right behind me, and he was reaching into his bag. And Ant pulled out his gun like this, and Will, they have their guns out ready."

Following this, Kai Cenat asked if the two individuals did not realize that the streamer was with his security. Adin Ross explained:

"He didn't know I was with him! Because they were across from me. It didn't look like they were with me. Bro, Ant, like, read that s**t like that! I didn't see that, like, holy f**k! No way! He saved my life, bro. Like, literally!"

The conversation concluded with Kai Cenat lauding Adin Ross' highly attentive security personnel.

Fans react to the streamer's story

Ross' story was shared on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit and the reaction thread garnered more than 120 fan reactions. Here's what they had to say:

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