Adin Ross reveals IShowSpeed was the person who was told not to associate with him, addresses the controversy

Adin Ross addresses a controversy involving him and IShowSpeed (Image via Sportskeeda)
Adin Ross addresses a controversy involving him and IShowSpeed (Image via Sportskeeda)

During a recent Kick livestream, controversial personality Adin Ross revealed that YouTube star Darren "IShowSpeed" was told by his manager not to associate with him.

Ross addressed the situation by saying that he loves IShowSpeed and that he was "just upset" after someone told the 18-year-old not to interact or talk to him. The streamer also expressed his dislike for the YouTuber's manager.

The Florida native recalled times when IShowSpeed made headlines for contentious reasons, claiming that he was always on the teenager's side. He also urged the young internet personality to contact him.

"I'm a man, I'm taking accountability" - Adin Ross addresses the controversy involving IShowSpeed

Adin Ross' minute-long Twitter clip began with him mentioning that IShowSpeed was the person who was told not to associate with him:

"(IShow)Speed, I know that you're going to see this s**t. I already know that you are. So, I'm going to say it to you. I love you, bro. Honestly, I was just upset. Someone corporate told you, 'Yo, don't talk to Adin.' You know what I'm saying? You reached out a couple days ago, I hadn't called you back. I'm going to call you back."

The former Twitch streamer then expressed his dissatisfaction with the YouTuber's manager:

"It doesnt matter... I don't know... I don't like your manager. I don't like him! Just don't like him, bro! I just don't like how... I just feel like, bro, like... you know, you should start bringing in (another person's name), bro. I really am. You know, I just want more publicly know, that like, it's my bad, bro. On everything."

Ross recalled how IShowSpeed was embroiled in controversies and claimed that he "always" had his back:

"But, like, when you were going through your s**t. When you kind of had stuff about people talking about you. Not f**king with you. I always had your back. And I don't want that from you! I don't want you to ever talk about that s**t. I don't! But I just want you to call me, instead of not talk to me. You know what I'm saying? Because I'm always here for you, bro."

The video concluded with Ross taking accountability when reacting to a list of popular streamers who had "switched up" on him:

"Yeah, it is my bad, that I brought in your name. I f**king reacted to that list, and be like, 'No comment.' Some dumb s**t that I shouldn't address that s**t. And I'm a man, I'm taking accountability. I'm sorry. I owe you guys some one-on-one phone calls. Everyone that I addressed."

Fans react to Adin Ross' address

DramaAlert's tweet featuring Adin Ross' address gained quite a lot of traction. Here's what the online community had to say about the Kick star's comments:

A few days ago (on April 9, 2023), a clip went viral on Twitter that showcased IShowSpeed talking about the Adin Ross controversy.

After fans urged IShowSpeed to call Ross and told him to stop being an "L friend," the YouTuber claimed to have texted the streamer. He added that Ross did not respond to his messages and called him "bulls**t."

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