After dethroning Ninja as the 'Twitch King', Ludwig explains why he'll never do a subathon again 

(Image via Twitter)
(Image via Twitter)
Nakul Ahuja

After his record-breaking month-long Twitch subathon came to an end, Ludwig Ahgren explained why he will never do it again.

Ludwig's subathon has been causing havoc on Twitch for a over a month. What started as an experiment on 13 March him the title of the 'Twitch King' as he dethroned Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins’ as the most subscribed channel.

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Discussing the incredible feat in his last day stream, Ludwig compared the subathon to major Hollywood productions, suggesting it would be an injustice to this subathon to do another one.

He said:

“The reason I would never do one again is very simple. And it’s the reason why you shouldn’t make a sequel to the movie The Hangover… It’ll never be as good as the original.”

He went on to say that initiating a subathon was a rather impulsive decision and he doesn't think that he'll be able to pull it off again.

Be that as it may, Ludwig pointed out that “doing it from space would be cool.”

While his honest patrons will love that, it might not be possible in the near future.

But this was just Ludwig's way of retierating that only something as extravagant as doing a subathon from space will top the one that concluded recently.

On 11 April, Ludwig announced that all subscriber money made from the final day of his subathon would be going to charity.

Ludwig breaks Ninja's all time subscriber record

There were points this month when the subathon was close to coming to a glorious end. However, viewers and subscribers kept the stream alive with over 220,000 tuning in for the final minutes of the stream.

At the end of the subathon, Ahgren’s total subscriptions capped out at more than 282,000. That’s more than $1.6 million, before Twitch takes their cut.

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With this number, Ludwig broke Ninja's record of an incredible 269,154 subscribers before he made the switch to Mixer. Not just that, Ludwig went ahead of other prominent streamers like Ranboolive (114,387 just last month), Shroud (101,588 in 2019), and Summit1g (94,941 in 2020).

Ninja congratulated the Twitch streamer and stated that records are meant to be broken and even though he is sad, he is extremely proud of Ludwig.

Ludwig, however, will now be taking a short break from streaming. The American streamer has been streaming for a month which at one point seemed endless.

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