Aliens Dark Descent officially announced at Summer Game Fest 2022, title set for release on PC and consoles in 2023

Aliens Dark Descent will release in 2023 across all platforms (Image via Summer Game Fest 2022)
Aliens Dark Descent will release in 2023 across all platforms (Image via Summer Game Fest 2022)

Summer Game Fest 2022 provided the first showcase of a dark and horrifying trailer for a brand new game called Aliens Dark Descent. This is the return of the fan favorite franchise that has remained silent for quite some time.

Previously, there have been titles like Alien Isolation that fans love and even play to this day. However, this brand new title by 20th Century Fox Games is going to provide a new experience for players, but with the same elements of surprise and horror.

The trailer did not showcase enough, but it was announced that the game will be coming to both PC and console in 2023.

Everything fans need to know regarding Aliens Dark Descent that was revealed in Summer Game Fest 2022

The trailer showcased in Summer Game Fest 2022 for Aliens Dark Descent was brilliant to say the least. The trailer first started with a sergeant telling a story about an infiltration mission.

The mission started quite well for the team. However, once they reached the location, the team found that everyone was dead. Thus, the team goes on to investigate further. As they moved forward, they noticed that everything was destroyed, and it looked like something disastrous had happened.

Eventually, the team ended up discovering people, but they were far from human at this point. It looked like those people had some sort of a machine attached to their back and their eyes were going blue in color.

However, this team did not have a chance to approach, as Xenomorphs started attacking almost instantly. The team knew that they had to run as they were both clueless and unmatched at this point.

As expected, the team opened fire and tried to run for the exit, but it was too late. The team leader asked the sergeant to hold the door, however, the latter knew that if he delayed any longer, then that would mean an end for everyone.

He closed the door and let the entire team become food for the Xenomorphs. Eventually, the trailer goes back to the present where the sergeant was reciting the story. But now it showed that he was merely recording it in a tape recorder, as he himself was surrounded by the same Xenomorphs.

In fact, the two people to whom he was talking to were both dead as well. The trailer ended there, but it looks like the Alien franchise does have a surprise for its fans.

In any case, fans will have to wait for quite some time before the game is out. As mentioned during the Summer Game Fest 2022 showcase, Aliens Dark Descent will be coming to PCs and consoles in 2023.

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