When is Starfield gameplay coming? Xbox Bethesda Games Showcase date, time, and where to watch

It is finally time to delve into some actual gameplay footage of Starfield (Image via Bethesda)
It is finally time to delve into some actual gameplay footage of Starfield (Image via Bethesda)

Starfield, Bethesda’s upcoming sci-fi RPG, is all set to become the talk of the town once again as fans await the gameplay reveal of the title in the Xbox Bethesda Games Showcase three days from now.

Described by Bethesda Executive Producer Todd Howard as the “Skyrim in Space,” the information available to fans about the upcoming title mostly comes from a handful of trailers, behind-the-scenes development videos, concept art, and a few leaks and rumors. Bethesda has kept the details wrapped up, especially regarding the gameplay side of things.


Starfield is Bethesda’s first new IP in 25 years. It was revealed in E3 2018 with an atmospheric trailer. The game was said to be in development for more than a decade, albeit being in the conceptualization stage. It was not until a month ago that the Starfield release date was pushed to 2023 from its initially announced November 11, 2022 release date.

Starfield gameplay will almost certainly be revealed during the Xbox Bethesda Games Showcase on June 12

Considering the game was supposed to be released five months down the line, it is almost certain that Howard and co. will have some gameplay footage ready to drum up the hype for their “NASA-punk” themed space opera. While it’s understandable why a game of Starfield’s scope might need more time to get polished and launch-ready, the folks at Bethesda will likely not miss a grand occasion like the Summer Game Fest to showcase their upcoming flagship title.

We can't wait for you to play Starfield, but we need some more time. We’re so thankful for all the support and encouragement and are excited to show you the game soon.…

The Xbox Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 might be the perfect time for Bethesda to showcase some actual gameplay footage. So far, Bethesda's early trailers and promo material have done enough to get people excited, so all that's left is to deliver.

Xbox Bethesda Games Showcase 2022: Schedule and where to watch

The much-awaited Xbox Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 will be live on June 12 from 10.00 am PT / 1.00 pm ET / 5.00 pm UTC / 6.00 pm BST.

It's game time! Join us for the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase on June 12. Save the date! #XboxBethesda

It will be livestreamed on Xbox’s official Youtube and Twitch channels, as well as the Summer Game Fest’s handles.

What to expect from the Starfield gameplay reveal?

Based on what's been released so far, players can expect the exploration of alien worlds, space stations, ships, planets, and cities to take center stage. We will not be shocked to finally witness manual space flight in action. Besides, other expected gameplay elements like customization of weaponry, armor, upgrades, ship combat, and more might get featured as part of the gameplay reveal.


As revealed previously, Bethesda has taken a more grounded approach regarding the sci-fi theme of their upcoming RPG. Set in the Settled Systems, a region of space far away from Earth, Starfield takes place 300 years in the future. Unrestricted freedom of exploration is a hallmark of Bethesda RPGs, and with the new title, they will likely not stray far from their successful formula.

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