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Among Us: Is it worth it to have three imposters?

(Image Credit: @LilithMeep)
(Image Credit: @LilithMeep)
Modified 22 Oct 2020, 23:40 IST

When playing Among Us it can become easy to take for granted that games generally have two imposters, unless the playgroup is too small for some reason. But what about playing with three imposters in Among Us?

Why would I want to play Among Us with three imposters?

Playing Among Us with three imposters can be a good way to make sure more people get to play imposter. A lot of Among Us players already believe that playing imposter is the best part of the game, and this will let more people get a chance to take on that role each game. 

Ultimately the goal is to try new things and see if you and your playgroup enjoys playing Among Us in a variety of ways.

What does a game of Among Us look like with three imposters?

Perhaps the best way to look at this first is mathematically. In a typical and optimal game of Among Us there are two imposters and eight crewmates. This means that 20% of the players in any given game are imposters. It also means that the imposters need six kills without losing one of their own to win the game. If one of the imposters should die, it increases the number of kills needed to eight total kills.

This means that:

  • Imposters win in 3 kill cycles (each imposter kills 3 times)
  • The crew is rewarded for finding a killer with 2 sets of kills (the remaining imposter has to get 2 more kills alone)
  • Having 7 players left encourages the crew to skip (wrong vote means a single double kill let’s imposters win.)
  • Having 5 or 6 players left encourages the crew to vote (crew loss in a single kill cycle if they don’t vote off an imposter.)

When we look at how this balance shifts when we have three imposters, we see that there are some very significant changes. Having three imposters and seven crewmates means that 30% of the players are imposters from the start. It also means that imposters only need four kills from the start to win.


This means that:

  • Imposters win in 2 kill cycles (each imposter kills once plus one additional kill)
  • The crew earns less for voting off an imposter (removing one imposter increases the kills needed from 4 to 5, and finding a second imposter results in them needing 6 kills.)
  • Having 7-9 players left encourages the crew to vote (crew loss in a single kill cycle if they don’t vote off an imposter).
  • The crew will be on edge the whole time, one mistake can usually result in a game loss.

How can you make three imposters work for your Among Us playgroup?

While that seems to make playing Among Us with three imposters pretty rough, Among Us is a very customizable game. That means there may be ways for you to customize your lobby to make a three-imposter game more fun.


First of all, you’ll want to increase the cooldown between kills a lot, potentially as high as 45 seconds. It’s hard to overstate how strong having an additional imposter is, and the high kill cooldown will give the crew more room to breathe.

Second, you might want to reduce the number of tasks, and perhaps use more common and short tasks than long tasks. The crew is going to need every advantage they can get, and since the imposters can afford to lose two of their group you don’t want to have too many tasks in the game.

Third, you may want to turn on confirmed ejects, as the crew will often be a single wrong vote away from losing anyway. This will help them strategize against a bigger and more organized team of imposters.

Fourth, consider looking into mods to increase the number of potential players in your lobby. If you can play Among Us with as many as 15 players, a three imposter game might not feel quite as bad.

Published 22 Oct 2020, 23:40 IST
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