Among Us will ban players who intentionally disconnect

Image via u/Dadafruta
Image via u/Dadafruta
Titas "TeeKay" Khan

InnerSloth has started handing out temporary 5-minute bans for players who disconnect after not being selected as the Impostor in Among Us.

The Among Us community has been suffering from player disconnections ever since the game's outburst on streaming platforms and social media. Among Us sorts players into two groups, Crewmates and Impostors.

The fact that playing as an Impostor can be more fun and thrilling is no mystery for anyone who has played Among Us. Therefore, it has become an extremely common yet toxic practice in the community for players to disconnect from a match at the very beginning if they aren't selected as the Impostor. This can result in a 10-man lobby turning into less than half its capacity within a matter of seconds after starting the game.

Let's take a look at how these 5-minute bans can affect the community and Among Us.

Among Us introduces 5-minute bans for disconnections

The new 5-minute bans that have been introduced in Among Us could be an extremely positive step from InnerSloth towards a better in-game experience. Although Among Us lobbies have become frustrating for many players, positive fixes and proper punishment features could make the game even more fun and popular than it is now.

InnerSloth had previously announced that instead of working towards a sequel for Among Us, the developers would like to work on the existing game to make it even better for the community. However, the constantly growing number of hackers and cheaters in the game has left a bitter taste in the mouth of the Among Us community.

If InnerSloth continues to release updated features to provide a better in-game experience for players, the community will soon forget about their current sufferings.

However, it remains to be seen how these temporary bans will affect the overall experience in Among Us. Players who disconnect at the beginning of a round for not being selected as Impostors will now have to reconsider the temporary ban before doing so.

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