Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update introduces 9 new unlockable Nook Miles achievements

The Animal Crossing update arrived early (Image via Nintendo)
The Animal Crossing update arrived early (Image via Nintendo)

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update was released a day earlier than expected. This will give Animal Crossing players enough time to get comfortable with it. Players are primarily excited about significant additions like Brewster, Gyroids, Harv's Island expansion, and the paid DLC. But tons of more minor features also reshape the game.

Nook Miles, one of the currencies in Animal Crossing, now has several new achievements for players to unlock more Nook Miles. It can be spent on various items and pay for activities like traveling with the newly returned Kapp'n.

All new Nook Miles achievements in Animal Crossing 2.0 update

There are nine different Nook Miles achievements and they each have several stages.


  • Unlock 10 Cooking DIY Recipes; Ever-Improving & Test Chef Titles
  • Unlock 30 Cooking DIY Recipes; Skilled & Cooked Titles
  • Unlock 50 Cooking DIY Recipes; Homestyle & Chef Titles

These items can be unlocked with the Nook Miles awarded from unlocking as many as 50 new recipes. Players are always looking for DIY recipes, and now there's a reward for doing just that.


  • Cook 300 Meals; Scorching & Gourmet Titles
  • Cook 500 Meals; Sugary & Sweets Titles
  • Cook 1000 Meals; Spicy & Head Chef Titles
  • Cook 2000 Meals; Gourmet & Epicure Titles
  • Cook 3000 Meals; Culinary & Glutton Titles

Players are constantly cooking in Animal Crossing as it's one of the most important tasks to do. Players need to eat and now the game will reward players for doing that. There are rewards for doing up to 3,000 meals.

Cooking will be a Nook Miles achievement (Image via Nintendo)
Cooking will be a Nook Miles achievement (Image via Nintendo)

Digging up Gyroids

  • Dig Up 300 Gyroids; Rain-Soaked & Gyroid Titles

This is a brand new feature in the Animal Crossing 2.0 update. Players will have the opportunity to find Gyroids and collect rewards.

Collecting Gyroids

  • Collect 5 Kinds of Gyroids; Distinctive & Curator Titles
  • Collect 15 Kinds of Gyroids; Whimsical & Statue Titles
  • Collect 20 Kinds of Gyroids; Novel & Symbol Titles

There are so many different kinds of Gyroids that Animal Crossing players should have no trouble unlocking all of these.

Planting a garden

  • Plant 5 Vegetable Starts; Field-Fresh & Fertilizer Titles
  • Plant 20 Vegetable Starts; Locally Sourced & Soil Titles
  • Plant 50 Vegetable Starts; Sustainable & Soil Titles
  • Plant 100 Vegetable Starts; Hardworking & Days Titles
  • Plant 200 Vegetable Starts; Green-Thumbed & Success Titles

Planting items in Animal Crossing is handy and now it'll be very profitable, as well.

Harvesting said garden

  • Harvest 10 Vegetables; Farming & Greenhorn Titles
  • Harvest 50 Vegetables; Crop-Tending & Crops Titles
  • Harvest 150 Vegetables; Vibrant & Baby Titles
  • Harvest 500 Vegetables; Nurturing & Young’un Titles
  • Harvest 1000 Vegetables; Thriving & Populace Titles

Animal Crossing players will also be rewarded for harvesting their planted crops.

Sail away

  • Sail with Kapp’n 3 Times; Sun-Kissed & Boater Titles
  • Sail with Kapp’n 10 Times; Household & Provider Titles
  • Sail with Kapp’n 20 Times; Voyaging & Explorer Titles
  • Sail with Kapp’n 30 Times; Family-Minded & Parent Titles
  • Sail with Kapp’n 50 Times; Impressive & Family Titles

Kapp'n has returned and his trips cost Nook Miles.

Drink coffee

  • Drink Coffee 5 Times; Aromatic & Beans Titles
  • Drink Coffee 10 Times; Caffeinated & Regular Titles
  • Drink Coffee 20 Times; Fragrant & Break Titles
  • Drink Coffee 30 Times; Rich & Blend Titles
  • Drink Coffee 50 Times; Acidic & Barista Titles

Coffee is a new feature at the Roost, so players can get it and get Nook Miles.


  • Join Group Stretching 3 Times; Peppy & Kids Titles
  • Join Group Stretching 10 Times; Athletic & Fitness Fan Titles
  • Join Group Stretching 20 Times; Sporty & Athlete Titles
  • Join Group Stretching 30 Times; Peak-Performing & Bodybuilder Titles
  • Join Group Stretching 50 Times; Stoic & Health Nut Titles

Even the new group stretching feature has a reward.