How to unlock Brewster and the Roost in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Unlocking the Roost in Animal Crossing (Image via Nintendo)
Unlocking the Roost in Animal Crossing (Image via Nintendo)
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Animal Crossing: New Horizons update 2.0 arrived a day earlier than Nintendo previously slated it.

The return of Brewster and the Roost is perhaps one of the key features of the update. It will reintroduce some of the most beloved Animal Crossing characters, including Brewster, Kapp'n and Katrina.

To unlock the Roost and interact with Brewster, Animal Crossing players will need to update the game to version 2.0.

Players already know that the Roost isn't a standalone building but is a part of the museum.

The Roost isn't a standalone building (Image via Nintendo)
The Roost isn't a standalone building (Image via Nintendo)

Upon entering the museum, Animal Crossing players will spot Blathers, who will look like he's in a world of his own. They need to interact with him. He will then inform them of his plans to expand the museum by opening a grand cafe.

During the interaction, Blathers will reveal that Brewster would help him complete the task but is sadly nowhere to be found. It will now be up to the players to locate him.

Animal Crossing players need to interact with Brewster to invite him to their islands

Kapp'n's services will enable one to travel to a mystery island and locate Brewster. He will be wearing a vacation costume and will agree to come to the player's island as soon as they finish interacting with him.

Head back to the museum and interact with Blathers again. He will remind the player that the Animal Crossing museum will remain shut to incorporate some new changes.

Once that period is over, gamers will be able to visit the Roost to enjoy a cup of coffee with Brewster and other characters. A cup of coffee will cost 200 Bells.

New Animal Crossing update has arrived 24 hours early

It's unknown if the move was intentional. However, this is an actively developing story and an update from Nintendo is bound to arrive sooner rather than later.

Nintendo has already confirmed that version 2.0 is the last major free content update. Beyond this point, Animal Crossing: New Horizons players will get minor updates that will fix bugs and add seasonal events and items.

A cup of coffee will cost 200 Bells (Image via Nintendo)
A cup of coffee will cost 200 Bells (Image via Nintendo)

Aside from that, Happy Home Paradise isn't unlocked yet. It will only be available on November 5.

Players will be able to take on jobs to create dream vacation homes for other villagers on their islands. This will not only add a lot of depth to the title, but will also enable players to have interesting conversations, a feature that has been missing for a while now.

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