“I think it’s like a hack for female streamers”: Asmongold comments on VTuber Veibae’s ban

Asmongold talks about Veibae's recent ban on Twitch (Image via Asmongold and Veibae/Twitter)
Asmongold talks about Veibae's recent ban on Twitch (Image via Asmongold and Veibae/Twitter)
Aarnesh Shrivastava

Zack "Asmongold" happened to be one of the latest streamers to comment on VTuber Veibae's ban from Twitch.

Popular VShojo member Veibae received her first-ever ban from the livestreaming platform on April 17, 2022. The reason for her ban has not been made clear, and fans continue to speculate on the same.

Veibae's 24-hour long suspension from the platform took the internet by storm. Many fans thought the coincidence of her getting banned at the same time as Chance "Sodapoppin" was uncanny.

Asmongold is one of the most vocal streamers on the platform. According to him, being a VTuber as a female content creator on Twitch is a hack.

During his most recent stream, the Austin, Texas-based livestreamer said:

"I think that it is funny, I think that it's clever, and I think it's like a hack for female streamers."

Asmongold shares his opinions regarding VTubers

During one of his recent livestreams, Twitch sensation Asmongold laid out his thoughts and opinions regarding virtual content creators as he reacted to Veibae's ban on Twitch.

Since he is known for giving hot takes and providing reasonable arguments on a variety of topics, the One True King (OTK) co-founding member began addressing the VTuber's ban by saying:

"Look, here's how I feel about it, right, is that um... I think the VTubers stuff, I think it's funny, man."

Asmongold then addressed rumors that he hates the idea of VTubers and virtual avatars in general:

"People got this idea that I hate VTubing. I don't know where people got this idea, I have no idea. But they did. They got the idea that I actually hate VTubing. I do not hate VTubing!"

The Twitch streamer also mentioned why he likes the newer form of streaming. According to him, VTubing is fun, and he considers it to be a hack for female streamers.

Providing more insights into his rationale, Asmongold mentioned:

"Because they get to go on and everybody watches them, and they think like they are like this hot girl, right? Meanwhile, the girl streamer never has to put on makeup, she's probably sitting with her hair up in a bun. No makeup on, hasn't showered in three days, sitting there wearing sweatpants."

He continued:

"But she's got this avatar that's a cat-girl with big milkers. And the thing is, obviously this is kind of a bit of a hack, but nobody is complaining about it!

The American streamer then read out some of the messages posted by his fans in the Twitch chat, following his minute-long explanation.

Fans react to the streamer's take on Veibae's ban

Redditors analyzed the streamers' take, and some believed that Asmon could go on to become the perfect VTuber:

Others shared their thoughts regarding female streamers in general:

The OTK co-founder is one of the biggest streamers and content creators on the platform. He has streamed and played World of Warcraft for more than 6,000 hours on his channel. Asmongold currently has 2.9 million followers and gets an average of 50k viewers per stream.

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