“Final Fantasy returns on 21st” - Asmongold finally returns to streaming Final Fantasy XIV, fans celebrate

Asmongold will begin playing Final Fantasy XIV later this month (Image via Sportskeeda)
Asmongold will begin playing Final Fantasy XIV later this month (Image via Sportskeeda)

Twitch star Zack "Asmongold" announced returning to streaming the fan-favorite MMORPG: Final Fantasy XIV on June 15.

Asmongold is a streamer to watch when it comes to playing massively multiplayer online roleplaying games. He has racked up more than a thousand hours on a single character in World of Warcraft and has spent multiple hours in other MMORPGs like Lost Ark and New World.

The streamer took a break from playing Final Fantasy XIV after Lost Ark launched earlier this year. Fans were eager to see their favorite streamer return to the fantastical world of Final Fantasy.

During a recent stream, Asmongold finally revealed that he will be playing MMORPG once again and fans can tune in from June 21 onwards to see him play the game:

"Final Fantasy returns on 21st."
For those who missed the announcement--Final Fantasy 14 streams return on the 21st.

Asmongold will begin playing Final Fantasy XIV on June 21, 2022


The One True King co-founder spent the initial hours of his stream reacting to the top posts on various subreddits. As he reached the two-hour mark of his broadcast, the content creator grabbed the opportunity to make a special announcement. He began by saying:

"Guys, it's been a long time, it's been quite a while, it's been almost a year."

After increasing anticipation and reading what the fans present in his Twitch chat had been speculating on, the Austin, Texas native announced that he will begin playing and streaming Final Fantasy XIV on June 21.

Timestamp: 02:46:58

He then added more to the announcement:

"I will begin playing the game again on the 21st. Six days from now. I don't want to make it a big deal, really, like, I want everybody to know about it, obviously. But yes, I'm going to start playing the game again. I will continue the story on the 21st. That's the plan."

Fans began showering the streamer with gifted subscriptions after hearing the long-awaited announcement. Zack continued to react to content and played Lost Ark during the second half of his stream.

Fans celebrate Asmongold returning to Final Fantasy XIV

Fans on multiple social media platforms were elated to hear Asmon was going back to playing FFXIV after a year-long break. Several fans on Twitter were looking forward to watching his upcoming gaming streams:

@Asmongold There is a god 🙏

Scripe, the raid leader for the professional World of Warcraft guild, Echo, wanted to know if Asmon was quitting other games that he is currently playing.

@Asmongold Does that mean you are quitting all other games?

More than 700 fans provided their take on Asmon's announcement clip. Some of the relevant fan reactions were on these lines:

Fans talk about the streamer's big announcement (Images via Asmongold Clips/YouTube)
Fans talk about the streamer's big announcement (Images via Asmongold Clips/YouTube)

Asmon began playing Final Fantasy XIV on July 3, 2021 and continued to experience the epic world and story of the fantasy game till September 11, 2021. At that point, the streamer stopped playing and streaming the Square Enix title for 161 hours.

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