"Back at the hospital": Twitch streamer Buddha has to undergo another surgery following his brain bleed from two weeks ago

Buddha is back in the hospital (Image via Sportskeeda)
Twitch streamer Buddha is at the hospital again (Image via Sportskeeda)

Twitch streamer and GTA 5 roleplayer Lucas "Buddha" has shared yet another health update on Twitter, this time revealing that he was back at the hospital for a smaller surgery that would hopefully be the last one on his path to a full recovery.

On November 12, the streamer first announced to the world that he was to undergo surgery for a brain bleed. A week later, Lucas revealed that he had been discharged after a successful operation. But today, on November 23, he posted a Discord screenshot explaining that he would have to undergo a "small surgery on the skin":

"Small update, back at the hospital and they wanna do a small surgery on the skin because part of the incision they made isn't healing properly, so they just wanna go in clean it out and re close it."

"Hoping after this I can start bouncing back": Buddha at the hospital for another surgery

The popular streamer has been in constant medical care since his brain bleed earlier this month. According to him, the current surgery isn't too serious. He explained in the post that it would be non-invasive and unlikely to cause any complications:

"Nothing near as bad as the first surgery because they won't be opening the skull or going into the brain or anything like that so it should be quick and easy (As they say)"

Sounding optimistic, Buddha ended the small note with a hopeful message about returning to his normal life after the wounds heal:

"Really hoping after this I can just start bouncing back and getting back to normal."

The post was shared extensively on social media sites such as Twitter and Reddit. Fans expressed concern for their favorite GTA 5 streamer and posted heartfelt messages, wishing him a quick recovery.

BUDDHA! 😭😭😭 As long as it means you're healthy and recovering the wait don't mean anything. Hope it all goes well! 🥰…

A few Redditors from r/RPClipsGTA were of the opinion that this new surgery was nothing to worry about. They shared their personal experiences with similar operations, with one Redditor stating that his wife underwent a similar surgery and healed within a week.

Buddha is a very popular Twitch streamer who is primarily known for his GTA Online roleplays. Having started streaming back in 2016, he currently has over 800,000 followers on Twitch and pulls in more than 8k concurrent viewers on a regular basis. He is also known for collaborating with other streamers such as Fuslie, Sykkino, and others for games such as GTA, Rust, and Fortnite

Buddha was initially discharged from the hospital on November 18 and assured his fans that the surgery had been a success. Assuming that the latest operation goes as planned, he should be making a full recovery in the coming months.

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