Bungie developers share thoughts on next season in Destiny 2

Arc subclass for Hunters next season (Image via Bungie)
Arc subclass for Hunters next season (Image via Bungie)

Seasonal content for Destiny 2 has been no joke for the last two years. Each entry is meaningful to the endgame, where players experience all sorts of content over the next four months, ultimately leading to a vast expansion. The developers of Bungie have claimed their expansion entry as a "blockbuster," whereas their seasonal content is a "long-running series."

Typically, the company has separate teams working on both releases, as handling a live service title is no easy task. Recently, developers at Bungie have been expressing their views on the work they do for seasonal content. Most staff members were delighted with the work they put behind Season 17.

Similarly, with less than a week remaining for the next season, the developers are giving their reaction to hype up the community and let them know about the upcoming "bangers" in the future.

Bungie developers excited about Destiny 2 Season 18 say they are privileged to work on "some of the coolest stuff"

While many community members have questioned Bungie's secret marketing, it sure has proved to hype up its playerbase even more. With no knowledge of what's to come in a few days, countless speculations keep everyone on edge.

In a few recent tweets, multiple developers from Bungie expressed their hype and the excitement behind everything they have done for Season 18, similar to the previous season. One of the devs, Robert Schuster, who completed the player's questline for next season, stated the following:

"I had the privilege of leading the player journey questline feature for season 18 and I'm so excited for you all to see it. The team has wall to wall bangers lined up so please prepare accordingly."

Robert is a senior system designer for Destiny 2 who has worked on the upcoming seasonal questline for Season 18. His recent tweet regarding the forthcoming has gotten everyone excited for the next chapter of The Witch Queen.

Bungie's social systems designer, Sam Bowman, also came forward to express his views on his work. He said:

"1 week. Can't wait to show off what my team's been working on so I can finally respond to "what do you do at Bungie?" with [INSERT THING I WORKED ON HERE]."

Sam Bowman was a streamer in the Destiny 2 community who joined Bungie in a new role.

Everything boils down to the company delivering when it matters most. Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted has felt repetitive and is not living up to the hype. Some even called it "overhyped" because of Bungie's secrecy.

The marketing approach was the same back then, leaving the community now to see if the result becomes something different next season.