"There really needs to be something of that scale": Bungie opens up about the future of Destiny 2 live events 

Traveler located within the Last City in Destiny 2 (Image via Bungie)
Traveler located within the Last City in Destiny 2 (Image via Bungie)

Bungie is known for holding Destiny 2 live events, especially before any major update. The first major live event was held in 2020, which also marked the end of Season 10 and the beginning of Season of the Arrivals. Players could witness the Almighty being destroyed by Rasputin from the Tower for over 90 minutes.

With the success of the Almighty's destruction, Bungie held two more short live events, one where the Traveler healed and one before The Witch Queen was released.

In a recent Last Word podcast, Bungie's Creative Lead, Tom Farnsworth, opened up about the thought process that goes behind the seasonal narrative and future of potential live events.

Tom Farnsworth talks about Destiny 2 seasonal content and the requirements for a live event

Bungie has undoubtedly improved when it comes to their storytelling through a seasonal narrative. Every expansion consists of four seasons, each narrating its own stories that lead up to something big. Farnsworth mentioned that Bungie has two different teams for seasonal and annual content.


He also referred to the seasonal team as being like a "TV serial show," and the annual team being a "blockbuster movie," with each team cooperating to bring things to light. The idea was clear to the community by the time they released Season 13, which was when players started to realize that Bungie had an endgame.

In regards to the live events, Farnsworth said:

"Part of it is, you have to find a moment where it makes sense for the story, and there really needs to be something of that scale."

He also added:

"It's hard to set up world-ending events over and over and over, and it's tiring too. Every season is like, who's the bad guy? But, what if we did a political story this season and it was about the Fallen?"


Farnsworth also added the following when he was asked about DCV for making seasonal content:

"There's raids which we pulled them out of the vault, we upgrade them to match the sandboxes. The Destiny 2 sandbox now is different than the sandbox before, so we have to do a lot of updating and work to bring those out of the vault. If you look at Season 17, we're not really bringing something out of the vault. We're like, remixing or evolving."
Destiny 2 Exorcism before The Witch Queen (Image via Bungie)
Destiny 2 Exorcism before The Witch Queen (Image via Bungie)

In conclusion, Destiny 2 live events are less than likely to happen before Lightfall kicks in. The transition from Season 15 to The Witch Queen was described as the "Destiny version of a live event," with players eagerly waiting for something of a larger scale.

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