Call of Duty Warzone: Changes coming to Caldera in Season 4, better visibility, new POI and more

Call of Duty Warzone Storage Town (Image via Activision)
Call of Duty Warzone Storage Town (Image via Activision)

Ever since its release into Call of Duty Warzone, Caldera has been a major point of contention with the playerbase. From poor visibility to various glitches and technical problems, Caldera has been a source of headaches for both players and developers.

However, this does not mean that devs haven't improved upon the map. The introduction of Redeploy Baloons, a visibility overhaul, an underground transit system, and new points-of-interest (POI) were all positive developments that have been made to the map. The current map certainly looks and feels a lot better than what it was initially upon release.

But with the upcoming Call of Duty Pacific Season 4 patch, devs will be delivering an even better updated map. A key feature of Season 4 is the release of the new Resurgence map of Fortune's Keep. Fortunately, the developers haven't left Caldera's map untouched. The announcement of the next patch also comes with some positive developments for Caldera.

Battle Royale players - we got you 🤝A few of next season's updates to the Caldera include:📍 New micro-POIs and more looting💰 Secret underground Mercenary Vaults🌴 50% less vegetation & better visibility🤔 Plenty more surprises in-store

Changes to Caldera in Call of duty Pacific Season 4

Call of Duty announced on June 15, 2022 that the Season 4 patch would be bringing in new changes to the map of Caldera. The game's official Twitter account posted an updated map of Caldera with some very welcoming changes.

New map of Caldera in Warzone (Image via Twitter)
New map of Caldera in Warzone (Image via Twitter)

The announcement comes with some much-needed changes to the map. Primarily, the vegetation on the map is stated to be reduced by 50%. This will give players much-needed visibility improvement on the map. Visibility in the current map is a topic of strife for many players, considering how easy it is for enemies to hide in foliage and ambush unsuspecting players. So, this 50% reduction to vegetation will be highly welcomed by the playerbase.

Secret Underground Mercenary Vaults will be added to the map. This might be familiar to the Golden Vaults on Rebirth Island. We can speculate that these POIs might be full of high-tier loot and will be highly contested by the players.

A new Verdansk-style Storage Town has also been added to the southwest of the Mines. This will replace Ruins in the current iteration of the map. The storage town was a fan-favorite location in Verdansk for its fast paced close quarters combat. This location is bound to get major footfall from players in the coming days.

Call of Duty has also added "Plenty of surprises in-store". As such, players should be on the lookout for various Easter Eggs that are bound to be spread throughout the Caldera.

It’s a race for the riches as warring Mercenaries of Fortune fight for the ultimate score 🏆

Obviously, the release of the Call of Duty Warzone Season 4: Mercenaries of Fortune update is highly anticipated by the Warzone community. With the announcement of the new map of Fortune's Keep and further changes to Caldera, the upcoming Season update is looking very interesting so far.

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