COD Mobile's Persistence perk set to get a massive nerf, respawn players' demands will finally be fulfilled

Persistence is getting a huge nerf in COD Mobile Season 5 (Image via Call of Duty: Mobile)
Persistence is getting a huge nerf in COD Mobile Season 5 (Image via Call of Duty: Mobile)

COD Mobile's season 5 will make a landmark change in the history of the title. After years of complaining, respawn players will finally be able to rest easy as the notorious Persistence perk is getting a nerf. The change has been confirmed on the test server and will bring a major adjustment to how the game is currently played.

Season 4 still has a long way to go, but the public test build for the upcoming season has let out a ton of secrets that players will get to see once the update drops into the game. There will be new maps, new tactical equipment, major UI changes and lots more in store.


Season 5 will also see a change in shape in the current meta due to the release of new weapons. With Persistence's nerf incoming, players who rely on it to win respawn matches will have to bring forth a new plan to stack scorestreak points.

How the new Persistence nerf will work in COD Mobile

Persistence adjustments in Garena Beta test.

There are two major components that have been changed in the game that will directly affect the Persistence perk. First of all, Persistence will be changed to a blue perk and will stop being a red perk from Season 5. To understand the importance of this change, players will have to take into consideration that players who use Persistence now have to rely on Hardline as well.

Therefore, from season 5 onwards, players who use Persistence will not be able to use Hardline.

Persistence will still work in the same manner and will stack scorestreak points. But without the extra 25% score which came with Hardline, COD Mobile players will find it difficult to get the streaks. The second change is also a major one. Scorestreaks will now be divided into three ranks.

Scorestreaks and their ranks as seen in the Test Server

The first rank consists of scorestreaks that have a low score value. UAV, Shock RC, Shield Turret and others come under this category. In the second and third ranks, the scorestreaks require higher scores to activate. The Predator Missile is a second-ranked scorestreak while Napalm is a third-ranked streak.

Players will only be able to equip one scorestreak from each rank. Unlike now, where players can simply stack heavy streaks to annoy their opponents using Persistence, players will only be able to stack one heavy streak from the third rank from COD Mobile Season 5.


This is a huge nerf and it destroys the purpose that Persistence has served all these years. However, it is also a good move that will allow players to focus more on winning gunfights in COD Mobile, rather than simply stacking points.

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Edited by Abu Amjad Khan
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