All weapon adjustments Patch Notes for COD Mobile Season 4: Wild Dogs multiplayer

COD Mobile Season 4: Wild Dogs update is out (Image via Activision)
COD Mobile Season 4: Wild Dogs update is out (Image via Activision)

COD Mobile Season 4: Wild Dogs update is out and players can update the game from their app store, depending upon the operating system of their device. The update might also appear in-game for some players in different regions. A new update for the season always arrives early before the launch of the new season and also brings new balance changes for weapons in the game.

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Season 4: Wild Dogs will see new maps, a brand new Battle Pass with 50 tiers of exclusive content, new weapons, game modes, and a lot more being added to the game. The balance changes for the weapons, however, do not wait for the new season to start. With one day left in Season 3, all the new weapon balance changes arriving with a new meta are also underway.

COD Mobile players can adjust their loadouts after reviewing all the balance changes made to the meta weapons. Also, some forgotten weapons have been reviewed and buffed in this new update.

Patch Notes for the weapon adjustments in COD Mobile Season 4: Wild Dogs

The patch notes have been taken from the in-game notice provided to players while logging into the game. All players can view the entire patch notes for Season 4 from the in-game notifications tab.

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Balance adjustments


Kilo 141

  • Damage multiplier to the head: Reduced
  • Shooting range: Reduced


  • Shooting range: Adjusted
  • ADS spread: Reduced
  • Damage multiplier to the leg and hip: Increased


  • Scope speed: Increased for S36, UL736, RPD, M4LMG, Chopper, Holger26, Hades and PKM


  • Medium and long distance damage: Increased
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Chicom Enhanced

  • Default magazine capacity: Increased
  • 39-Round magazine capacity: Increased
  • 45-Round magazine capacity: Increased
  • Mid-Range damage: Increased
  • Damage multiplier to the head: Increased
  • Damage multiplier to the upper arm: Increased


The damage multiplier to the upper chest and arms has been increased to ensure that the enemy can be killed with one shot to the upper body at close range.

The mid-range and lower body damage has been reduced. The requirements for the control ability in the Battle Royale have been improved.

  • Shooting range: Adjusted
  • Base damage: Adjusted
  • Damage multiplier to the upper chest and arm: Increased


The Shorty’s projectile dispersion in the medium and short-range has been optimized to make it more stable when aiming accurately.


  • Weapon switching speed: Reduced
  • Reload speed: Reduced
  • Sprint-to-fire speed: Reduced

The above adjustments are live and players can check out the numbers in the training room. However, the meta still stands with the Kilo-141 and MAC-10. CBR4 is also a great option after the M13 nerf in this COD Mobile season.

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