COD Mobile Season 5 to bring a big nerf to the MX9 and a new attachment for the RPD LMG

The MX9 SMG is getting an attachment in COD Mobile Season 5 while the RPD will enjoy a new "overheated" barrel (Image via Activision)
The MX9 SMG is getting an attachment in COD Mobile Season 5 while the RPD will enjoy a new "overheated" barrel (Image via Activision)

COD Mobile Season 4: Wild Dogs still has a couple of weeks left before the massive Season 5 update drops. Season 5 is expected to bring a ton of changes to the game with new weapons, maps, attachments, major UI changes, and a lot more in tow.

Season 5 will see the launch of the Oden, a bullpup assault rifle that hits hard but has an extremely slow fire rate. It will be interesting to see how it fits into the fast-firing meta propelled by the likes of CBR4, Kilo-141, and MAC-10.

However, a fan-favorite weapon is getting a huge nerf next season. While it is not in the meta anymore, this SMG was one of the most overpowered weapons back in the day.


Based on the latest leaks, the MX9 SMG is getting a big attachment nerf, and the RPD LMG will be getting a new attachment with fresh features.

Agile Stock gets a nerf while RPD gets a new barrel attachment with a cooldown in COD Mobile

One of the most broken features of the erstwhile meta MX9 in COD Mobile was the Agile Stock. It allows players to utilize a positive 40% ADS movement speed. For those unaware, an ADS speed this high is equal to walking fast with the Lightweight perk. This means players can cancel out the sprint-to-fire delay and beam anyone who comes into their crosshairs.

Agile Stock for MX9 has been nerfed in the test server. No more 40 percent ads movement reward

Even though the developers nerfed the damage output of the MX9, the Agile Stock was left without any correction. However, the latest revelation from the test server shows that the positive 40% ADS movement speed buff has now been removed. This is a huge nerf to the MX9, even though it's not part of the meta.

On the other hand, the RPD LMG is getting some major reworks. Based on the latest leaks, a new barrel attachment is being added to the game. The specifics are not available at the moment, but it seems that it will send the weapon into the "cooldown" phase.

New Signature attachment barrel for the RPD- "Cool down barrel"No information is known for now except it makes the gun shoot in Overheated fire modeAdditional credits to : @Melya

This might mean that the barrel allows players will to use unlimited ammo for a short period of time without the need to reload. This is similar to the overheated feature on the Chopper Gunner or the ATV in the Battle Royale mode.


More intel on the RPD barrel can be expected once it can be tested on the test server for the upcoming seasons. The COD Mobile test servers are currently live, and players are expecting some more updates before it is taken down.

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