Coffeezilla responds to Logan Paul's invitation to IMPAULSIVE, says he won't fly to the latter's "CryptoZoo tax haven" 

Coffeezilla's response to Jake Paul's invitation to his podcast went viral (Image via Sportskeeda)

On December 27, popular YouTuber Stephen "Coffeezilla" took to Twitter to share his thoughts about being invited to well-known influencer Logan Paul's podcast IMPAULSIVE.

According to Coffeezilla, Logan Paul did not share the email the former had sent the day prior, inviting the latter, Eddie Ibanez, CryptoKing, and Paul's manager Jeffrey "Jeff" Levin.

Continuing further, the internet detective went on to say:

"I’m happy to fly Logan down or livestream it, but I'm not flying to his CryptoZoo tax haven on new years lol."

"Livestream or pass" - Fans react to Coffeezilla being invited to Logan Paul's podcast to talk about the CryptoZoo "scam"

The discussion about Coffeezilla being invited to Logan Paul's podcast began on December 27, when the latter tweeted that he had sent the former an email about the podcast invitation:

"I'd love to extend the offer for you to come on IMPAULSIVE in person to discuss CryptoZoo. Of course, we'll cover all flights and accommodations."

Coffeezilla replied to his own tweet, claiming that Paul "forgot to include" his previous email. He then revealed the message he had sent to the influencer, which read:

"It makes me sad to see you try to discredit my work given how many times I've reached out in good faith. Nevertheless, once again, I want to invite you to tell your side of the story on my platform. If you have nothing to hide, this should be a no-brainer. We chat about everything CryptoZoo. I would extend the same invitation to Eddie, Jeff, and CryptoKing as well."

Coffeezilla's email continued further, stating that he wanted to "make things right" for the investors:

"All that matters is the truth, the victims, and making things right for single mothers, fathers, and kids who invested millions."

The YouTuber followed up by stating that if the conversation was livestreamed, he would donate 100% of the proceeds to the CryptoZoo's victims:

As expected, the interaction went viral on the social media platform, with hundreds of community members providing their take on the matter. Twitter user @malamri commented:

Prominent tech YouTuber GamesNexus responded and said he would be happy to provide general guidance:

Another Twitter user @thekinocorner speculated that the podcast invitation was a "setup":

One community member claimed that controversial internet personality Andrew Tate "was right":

Twitter user @Game7rock expressed hope that everyone would get their money back:

Here are some more relevant fan reactions:


On December 17, 2022, Coffeezilla uploaded a three-part investigation focused on Logan Paul's cryptocurrency project and game called CryptoZoo, and called it the "biggest scam."

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