Corinna Kopf showed up at the new NRG house to play Fortnite, but it didn't go according to plan

{Image via NRGgg on Twitter}
{Image via NRGgg on Twitter}
Modified 10 Apr 2021

The streaming members of the Fortnite community are constantly being watched closely. Because of the relationship they have with the public, which is in fact to be watched, streamers often have elements of their lives read into, that may or may not hold substance.

Corinna Kopf shows up at the new NRG house to play Fortnite; it didn't go well

Popular Fortnite streamers Clix and Corinna Kopf were seen in his recent stream, where he discusses how happy he is now that he has relocated to LA. One YouTuber, Vyper, happened to post a clip of Corinna showing up and what came after.

{Image via Vyper on YouTube}
{Image via Vyper on YouTube}

Clix is well into a match when Corinna shows up to the NRG house, as seen in Clix's newly added face cam. She hangs around for only a moment before Clix lets her attempt to finish a game.

While Corinna takes time getting comfortable and adjusting to not having her key settings the way she like them, she does lose the match. Insisting that she can do better after some adjustments, she is seen playing another Fortnite match in which she is downed and then eliminated. Truly, not much happened.

Perhaps the most entertaining aspect of the segment captured by Vyper's YouTube video was that the NRG team has moved to this new home in LA, where streaming and gaming friends are gathering for a great time.

One of the most heartwarming moments to occur within the clipped stream is Clix's genuine reflection on how things have changed for him since his big move.

He comments continuously on the new opportunities that await him and his excitement for what is to come. It seems that the young Fortnite professional is more than content within the house.

Team houses are becoming less and less popular, though the NRG team seems to be thriving in a communal setting where enthusiastic players and streamers are surrounded by like-minded people. Surely, more exciting and entertaining Fortnite content will be seen from these creators as they continue their stay in the new LA house.

Published 10 Apr 2021
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