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CS: GO professionals talk about Valorant taking over the North American scene

Image via Valve - CS: GO
Image via Valve - CS: GO
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Modified 10 Nov 2020, 16:08 IST

With a massive surge in the number of Valorant players in North America, professional CS: GO players from Europe express their opinions over the entire matter.

After multiple online personalities like Shroud, claiming that CS: GO is 'undeniably dying' in North America, the CS: GO community has been worried about the future of this Valve developed first-person shooter game, especially with players like Hiko, TenZ, and ScreaM opting for the switch to Valorant over CS: GO.

Professional players such as Niko and Gla1ve from top tier teams in the European CS: GO scene came forward with their opinions about the rift between Valorant and CS: GO and how it would affect them.

In a recent video posted by on their Twitter page, we see CS: GO professionals talk about how Valorant is 'already killing' CS: GO in North America.

Let's move ahead and take a look at what the CS: GO professionals had to say.

CS: GO professionals discuss the future of the game amidst the rise of Valorant

With the argument of Valorant taking over CS: GO on a steady rise, the professional players from top tier CS: GO teams like Astralis, Natus Vincere, and G2 Esports made it quite certain that in spite of Valorant attracting multiple players, CS: GO won't be going anywhere.

Starting the video with Gla1ve from Astralis, the CS: GO superstar made his feelings about the CS: GO vs Valorant controversy certain with statements like,

"CS: GO has been here for quite some time now, ... probably about eight years now. I mean, for Valorant to go and kill CS: GO, I think that would be a really tough task for them."

However, he admitted that the introduction of multiple competitive FPS games would be good for the scene as he went on to add.

"But I mean to have more competitive FPS shooting games, I think that's really good for the scene."

Following this came Apex from Team Vitality with his own opinion about the CS: GO and Valorant saga. Apex didn't take much time to express his feelings as he said,

"Maybe it killed a bit of the NA scene, but that's it. It's still garbage, and I don't care about that game."

However, Niko from G2 Esports had a different opinion in comparison to Apex about Valorant as he is yet to play the game. He said,

"No, I don't think that Valorant could kill CS."

The professional CS: GO player from G2 Esports went on to add with a hint of exhaustion in his voice,

"That's the thing, NA CS is now kind of dead; everyone switched to Valorant. I am not really sure what's the biggest reason behind it. For me personally, I am not a big fan. I still haven't tried it here, and I haven't ever joined it, so I can't really say if it's a bad or good game because I haven't really tried it, but from what I look, it doesn't really seem like a big threat to CS."

Following this came Rain from FaZe Clan, assuring the fans of CS: GO with his own belief that the two games could co-exist even though he isn't sure about the game's future in North America. He said,

"I think CS: GO and Valorant can live together. I don't know what it's going to be in NA, but I think EU Valorant at least and CS will go fine together."

Konfig from Complexity Gaming had a completely different approach to the two games. He admitted that players shifting to Valorant from CS: GO are the ones who think they'll be more successful in Valorant than they were in CS: GO. He said,

"I think the people that are gonna change to Valorant are lower teams. The ones that think they will win more money in Valorant, and probably win more tournaments, and have a higher skill in Valorant."

After this, Flamie from Natus Vincere admitted to his belief that Valorant could never 'kill' CS: GO despite him never having played Valorant, and concluded the video with,

"I've never played it, but I think that it won't kill CS for sure because it's like a different game. There are some heroes and some abilities. There are huge differences between CS and Valorant."

The video presented by GFuelEnergy comes as a relief for everyone in the community that was worried about Valorant taking over CS: GO as the main first-person shooter game.

The professional players from top tier teams confirming that the two games could co-exist is a huge sigh of relief for the community.

Published 10 Nov 2020, 16:08 IST
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