Watch: CS:GO pros mimic game sounds in hilarious clip aired live during BLAST Premier Grand Final

CS:GO pros try Counter-Strike ASMR (Images via BLASTPremier/Twitch)
CS:GO pros try Counter-Strike ASMR (Images via BLASTPremier/Twitch)

After Navi won the first map against Vitality in the CS:GO BLAST Premiere: Spring Finals 2022, the broadcast cut to a segment titled "CS: Chill." This is where the organizers asked some of the top pros of the tactical shooter to make "relaxing sounds" in ASMR style. Being CS pros who live and breathe the game, they had no trouble imitating the game's sounds, including unique gunfire noise for their respective weapons, grenade sounds, the sound of the smoke grenades, and many more.

Big names from the competing teams such as s1mple, dupreeh, rain, nexa, and JACKZ participated in the activity, which resulted in some very funny audio clips played over gameplay, much to the delight of the fans.

CS:GO pros attempt Counter-Strike ASMR

As viewers waited for the second map of the game to start, BLAST had a treat lined up for them. The pre-recorded clip was a compilation of various participating players' attempts at mimicking CS sounds without using any instrument other than their voice. Needless to say, it was one-third impressive, two-thirds cringe, and 100% hilarious.

(Timestamp 04:37:51)

Like their matches, the pros had different mentalities going into this thing. JACKZ equated it with beatboxing:

"I beatbox, like I do the song with my mouth?"

rain just laughed at the concept, while nexa expressed his surprise:

"Interesting, I've never done that one before."

s1mple thought that it was a challenging task:

"It's going to be pretty hard for me to make some sounds."

dupreeh, however, was not convinced that making the sound of weaponry could be relaxing:

"Firearms is not pretty relaxing in my opinion."

Then they started with the iconic AK-47, s1mple's smoke grenade was immaculate, while dupreeh completely ruined the M4 by making "pew, pew, pew" sounds as a joke. The bit cannot be described in words and needs to be heard firsthand for the novelty of hearing the top CS:GO pros attempt to mimic game sounds.

Fans react to attempts at CS ASMR by CS:GO pros

The chat went absolutely wild with enthusiasm as some of the fan favorites attempted the task. Some could not stop spamming laughing emojis at the players, while others called it cringe but laughed nonetheless. They also seemed to praise JACKZ a lot.

Fans react to the pros trying to copy game sounds 1/2 (Image via BLASTPremier/ Twitch)
Fans react to the pros trying to copy game sounds 1/2 (Image via BLASTPremier/ Twitch)
Fans react to the pros trying to copy game sounds 2/2 (Image via BLASTPremier/Twitch)
Fans react to the pros trying to copy game sounds 2/2 (Image via BLASTPremier/Twitch)

Some fans thought that the production quality was so good that BLAST should host some Majors:

Redditors pointed out that Majors are not that profitable and can hinder other BLAST competitions:

Some fans couldn't help but reminisce about the old days of Counter-Strike, long before CS:GO, when a lot of the game was customizable. Players could upload custom sounds, skins, and sprays:

Some lamented the fact that they didn't get any of the pros to say the iconic "Bomb has been planted" CS:GO line:

Despite this, the segment was widely successful and fun all the way. It was also an opportunity to see an otherwise hidden side of the professional players, a funny side that seldom comes out during a CS:GO match. All in all, the ASMR mimicry by the pros was a refreshing breather in an otherwise high-profile, tense Grand Final.

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