Destiny 2 Beyond Light leaving game pass puts Xbox players at a disadvantage 

Destiny 2 Beyond Light will exit game pass (Image via Sportskeeda)
Destiny 2 Beyond Light will exit game pass (Image via Sportskeeda)

Destiny 2 expansions are one of the most anticipated pieces of content in the game, aside from raids. Each of them has a separate price tag, depending on the editions and the enormous in-game content that comes with it. Bungie started releasing these expansions in 2018 and has been following them ever since.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light is a Year 4 expansion that was released on November 10th, 2020. The community claims that this year has been the best yet, in terms of seasonal content, instead of the actual campaign. However, things will not improve for Xbox players since Beyond Light will no longer be a part of the game pass, starting December 8th, 2021.

Xbox players will lose all the core features from Destiny 2 Beyond Light after its exit from the game pass.

Stasis has been a prominent feature in Destiny 2's sandbox since its release. To gain access to the subclass, one must complete numerous quest steps directly tied to the Beyond Light campaign. With a significant announcement ahead of next month's 30th Anniversary patch, some core build changes should be made depending on the live sandbox.

However, Destiny 2 players on Xbox who have been grinding the expansion-related gears via the game pass will lose everything next month. The contents include the Deep Stone Crypt raid, Empire Hunts, Stasis subclass, Beyond Light campaign, and everything that comes after.

Update on Destiny 2 expansions leaving Xbox Game Pass (Cloud & Console) Players will lose access too: ❌ Campaign ❌ Expansion Activities ❌ Stasis ❌ Middle - Tree Supers! #Destiny2 #BeyondLight

This leaves the Xbox One and Xbox Series X consoles as the two available choices. Players can either completely give up any upcoming content moving forward or purchase the expansion to keep their progress intact in the coming days. Players who don't own the expansion will still have access to Europa, but only with patrol missions.

Things could not have been weirder for Xbox players, as they will be losing their stasis right after a significant meta-shifting patch. In addition, the Witch Queen expansion won't be a part of the game pass when it initially gets released.

destiny 2: forsaken (2018)

Bungie will be making the Destiny 2 Forsaken campaign free from December 7th until it enters the Destiny Content Vault on February 22nd, 2022. These will include Presage, Harbinger exotic missions, alongside the Forsaken campaign and Tangled Shore.

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