"DICE knowingly put Battlefield 2042 on life support": Reddit community is furious with the content in Season One

Despite a new map, fans feel DICE should have done more (Image via DICE)
Despite a new map, fans feel DICE should have done more (Image via DICE)

Battlefield 2042 may have been on a positive swing with the addition of the Exposure map. However, all's not well as fans are starting to realize that the actual content drought within the game is yet to be solved. Barring the map, the other additions have not been worthwhile and players aren't too happy.

Content has always been an issue with Battlefield 2042 since the very beginning. Furthermore, developers' attempts to fix the bugs have worsened the situation, leading to the delay of Season One.

Many were hoping for something radical, but they were left underwhelmed. In that regard, players want to see something substantial next season.


Battlefield 2042 players on Reddit want much better seasonal content

The original post was made by member u/AWU_Hades, who expected more from DICE this season. With things slowly getting back on track, the player expects multiple weapons and maps in the next season.

Another comment felt that such hopes were quite misplaced. While some in the community are optimistic, others feel that it's just a waste of time to expect so much from DICE.

Some are keeping their expectations to the bare minimum and think that it will be surprising if there are more than three DLC maps in Season 2.

One player is quite fed up with the current situation and believes that publishers tend to rely on the success of future releases. They believe that DICE should deliver something rather than rely on empty promises.

A major problem with Battlefield 2042 has been the failure of basic gameplay elements. Console players have been complaining for a long time about the controls. However, these issues continue to persist and debilitate gamers.

One comment claims that DICE shouldn't be given a pass for the lack of content in the current season. They reckon that such problems stem from developers already working on the next Battlefield title.

Many fans believe that Battlefield 2042 is done for and that there's no profit in thinking about future releases.

Only the future can tell how the next season and its content will pan out. Fans' expectations are quite high and one good map in the form of Exposure hardly cuts the chase. With that being said, DICE will need to do much more to prove their word.

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