Did Corpse Husband tease a new song? Corpse's latest revelation during his Twitch debut leaves fans restless

Corpse Husband teases new music track (Image via Twitch)
Corpse Husband teases new music track (Image via Twitch)

Corpse Husband might become one of the most popular streamers on Twitch. He is well known for his viral songs as well. His hit single "E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE!" has already crossed 160 million plays on Spotify. Corpse Husband also landed on a billboard at Times Square in New York.

Following the success of "E-GIRLS..," Corpse Husband also released a collaboration with popular hip-hop artist Machine Gun Kelly called "DAYWALKER!" The music video for the song also featured his close friend and popular streamer Valkyrae.

Fans were recently ecstatic to hear a snippet of Corpse Husband's new song currently in production. Corpse was playing Left 4 Dead 2 with Valkyrae on his stream and decided to surprise fans with a tease for his new track.

Corpse Husband new single might "destroy your ears"

Corpse Husband's compositions usually mix elements of alternative rock and contemporary, edgy pop. But he has often done hip-hop collaborations as well. The part that Corpse teased on his live stream included some rapping verses.

It is still unclear if this is another collaboration or a solo. However, the first impression of fans was immensely positive. Even the Twitch chat was hyped after listening to the snippet.

After surprising fans with a sneak peek of his new track, Corpse Husband apologized for suddenly playing the song, which might have been too loud. He said:

"Did I just destroy your ears?"

Some fans did think that the song was a bit on the louder end, but all of them, including Valkyrae, loved the song. The collective seemed excited for Corpse Husband to release the new track.

It would be even more exciting if this could be another major project with a star-studded music video. Valkyrae could be Corpse's go-to choice for the music video, given her exemplary work in Bella Poarch's music video.

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