"Don't ever disrespect the GOAT": IShowSpeed calls out Ghanaian footballer for copying Cristiano Ronaldo's 'Siu' celebration during World Cup

IShowSpeed got mad at Bukari for copying Ronaldo
IShowSpeed got mad at Bukari for copying Ronaldo's celebration (Image via Sportskeeda)

Massive Cristiano Ronaldo fan Darren "IShowSpeed" took to Twitter after the Ghana vs. Portugal World Cup group stage matchup to call out Osman Bukari for copying the Portuguese striker's iconic celebration.

Bukari was the second goalscorer for Ghana in tonight's game. Despite ultimately losing the match, he decided to celebrate his late goal with the 'Siu' celebration, drawing a lot of criticism from fans.

It is no secret that Darren is obsessed with Ronaldo. Needless to say, he did not appreciate that move. The streamer put up a tweet, calling out the Ghanaian player for disrespecting his idol. Posting a picture of the Bukari's celebration, he wrote:

"Don’t ever disrespect the GOAT Ronaldo like that ever in your life."
who ever this guys is don’t ever disrespect the goat Ronaldo like that ever in ur life stop acting tuff on twitter😡

IShowSpeed's Portugal vs. Ghana watch party saw some intense moments

The American streamer is known for his football content, regardless of whether it's playing in real life or mispronouncing names in the latest FIFA game. The 17-year-old is highly passionate about Cristiano Ronaldo, as is evident from the way he flew to the UK last week to see him. Bolstering this notion is the fact that he has a song called "Sewey," which has over 20 million views on YouTube.

Naturally, IShowSpeed was watching Portugal's first World Cup match against Ghana on stream. As a content creator popular for his over-the-top high-energy livestreams, fans witnessed some pretty intense moments as the match progressed.

Case in point, here is IShowSpeed reacting to Ronaldo's first goal of the tournament. As the latter starts taking the run-up, the streamer hypes the situation up, saying:

"This is the time, Ronaldo. For Portugal, for your young kid, the GOAT, the one and only; show them why you are the GOAT!"

The Ohio native can be seen jumping up and down ecstatically after the Portuguese penalty expert puts the ball in the net with ease. After the match, the streamer took to Twitter to talk about Messi after Argentina's loss to Saudi Arabia, calling his idol the greatest of all time:

ronaldo is the goat i done ever wanna hear nothing about messi🇵🇹 #shush

Fan reactions to the tweet

Fans of the YouTuber offered a lot of reactions to the tweet. Here are some of them:

@ishowspeedsui 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
@ishowspeedsui Nah he’s allowed to!
@ishowspeedsui Jokes on 'Ghana Ronaldo'. Portugal won, CR7 W⚽🤙🏻
@ishowspeedsui Don’t be silly
@ishowspeedsui Imagine doing this celebration at 3-2 down and you lose 3-2! 😭

In a series of tweets, Bukari himself has clarified that he meant no disrespect towards Cristiano Ronaldo and that he was carried away by the moment:

I have noticed my celebration today has generated comments claiming I was disrespectful towards RonaldoThis is incorrect. I was overcome by the emotion of the moment of scoring for my country on my World Cup debut leading to my celebration.My upbringing doesn’t permit me1/2
to be disrespectful to elders let alone one of my idols.Thanks for your support and we focus on our next game!🇬🇭🇬🇭

It appears that, like IShowSpeed, the Ghanaian player also considers the Portuguese captain one of his idols.

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