Dota 2 Plus Summer 2023 update released: Seasonal Treasure, updated Guild rewards, and more

Dota Plus Summer 2023 update (Image via Dota 2)
Dota Plus Summer 2023 update (Image via Dota 2)

The Dota 2 Plus Summer 2023 update has been released by Valve, with players around the world finally getting to see what's in store. The official announcement characterizes the latest update as "dropping from the sky like a meteor on the grateful people below," with a brand new Seasonal Treasure, updated Season Quests and Guild Rewards, and plenty more.

Touted as a means to enhance the players' daily in-game experience, Dota Plus is a monthly subscription that they can purchase. It has a number of features to help them with their gameplay with Plus Assistant, Plus Perks, and Hero Progression.

What is in store for players with Dota 2 Plus Summer 2023 update?

The Dota Plus Summer 2023 update is already available for players to dive into. The offerings of the same are as follows:

Dota Plus Seasonal Treasure

Players can now purchase the Summer 2023 Seasonal Treasure in-game with the help of shards. The contents of it are as follows:

  • Axe set
  • Ember Spirit set
  • Troll Warlord set
  • Zeus set
  • Oracle set
  • Queen of Pain set
  • Sand King set
  • Treant Protector set
  • Moil the Fettered courier [Rare]

Valve has also made Spring Treasure 2022 sets available for 15,000 shards each. Dota 2 players can find the same in the Shard Shop as part of the collection of legacy sets.

Updated Seasonal Quests & Guild Rewards

The latest update brings a new set of Dota Plus quests. There's a total of 115,200 shards to claim, with Guild Rewards also having been refreshed. The updated rewards are as follows:

Silver Guild Tier

  • Emoticon - storm_impressed
  • Emoticon - void_thumbsdown
  • Emoticon - void_unimpressed

Gold Guild Tier

  • Spray - Lichiscle
  • Spray - Puck Dagon
  • Spray - Sven Strength

Platinum Guild Tier

  • Chat Wheel - "See you later nerds"
  • Chat Wheel - "Que Dota é esse, cara?"
  • Chat Wheel - "再见了宝贝儿"

The official blog post concluded the announcement, stating:

"Let’s all take a moment to remember Mi "YammerS" Hongwei, a beloved member of the Chinese caster community, who sadly passed away earlier this week. In memory, we’re including one of his most popular voice lines as a platinum-tier guild reward."

Dota 2 teams and their fans from around the world are gearing up for the DreamLeague Season 20. The 16 qualified participants have already been divided into two groups, with matches starting on June 11.

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