DOTA 2 The International 11 playoffs: Schedule, where to watch, and more

DOTA 2 The International 11 is stepping to its business end (Image via Valve)
DOTA 2 The International 11 is stepping to its business end (Image via Valve)

The final leg of this year's DOTA 2 The International is underway after an exhilarating Group Stage that saw some excellent teamplay, upsets, and teams making nail-biting comebacks. For context, BOOM Esports had a 1.42% chance of making it to the lower back of the playoffs, and they still managed to do so.


The Main Event for DOTA 2 The International begins with the playoffs that see sixteen teams playing in a double-elimination bracket, with eight in the upper bracket and eight more in the lower bracket. The lower bracket round 1 matches are best-of-one, with all other matches being best-of-three. The Grand Final is a best-of-five.

Everything one needs to know about the playoffs for DOTA 2 The International 11

The Main Event of DOTA 2 TI 11 will take place from October 20 - 23 and October 29 - 30, with the playoffs being held at SunTec Singapore and the Finals being held at Singapore Indoor Stadium. The top four teams from each group are placed in the upper bracket of the playoffs, while the 5th-8th placed teams populate the lower brackets.

Attendees get their first glimpse of the Aegis of Champions and the Suntec Arena Playoff Stage as we wait for the first match to begin at 10am SGT.#TI11

The standings at the end of the Group Stage are as follows:

Group A

1Evil Geniuses (q)7-0-2
2Team Liquid (q)5-3-1
3PSG.LGD (q)4-4-1
4OG (q)4-2-3
5Hokori (q)2-5-2
6Royal Never Give Up (q)4-1-4
7Gaimin Gladiators (q)2-4-3
8BOOM Esports (q)1-3-5
10BetBoom Team0-5-4

Group B

1Tundra Esports (q)5-4-0
2Team Secret (q)5-3-1
3Thunder Awaken (q)2-6-1
4Team Aster (q)3-4-2
5Fnatic (q)3-3-3
6Team Spirit (q)1-7-1
7beastcoast (q)2-4-3
8Entity (q)1-4-4
9Talon Esports2-2-5

The International 11 playoff schedule

The playoff schedule for the event is as follows:

Day 1 - October 20

Upper Round 1Evil Geniuses vs Thunder Awaken0 - 2
Upper Round 1Team Secret vs PSG.LGD2 - 0
Lower Round 1Hokori vs beastcoast0 - 1
Lower Round 1Team Spirit vs BOOM Esports0 - 1
Lower Round 1Fnatic vs Gaimin Gladiators0 - 1
Lower Round 1RNG vs Entity0 - 1

Day 2 - October 21

Upper Round 1Tundra Esports vs OG2 - 0
Upper Round 1Team Liquid vs Aster0 - 2
Lower Round 2Evil Geniuses vs beastcoast0 - 2
Lower Round 2PSG.LGD vs BOOM Esports2 - 0

Day 3 - October 22

Lower Round 2OG vs Gaimin Gladiators2 - 1
Lower Round 2Team Liquid vs Entity2 - 1
Upper Round 2Thunder Awaken vs Team Secret0 - 2
Upper Round 2Tundra Esports vs Team Aster2 - 0

Day 4 - October 23

Lower Round 3beastcoast vs PSG.LGD1 - 2
Lower Round 3OG vs Team Liquid0 - 2
Lower Round 4Team Aster vs PSG.LGD2 - 0
Lower Round 4Thunder Awaken vs Team Liquid1 - 2

Where to watch

The TI 11 playoffs will be streamed live from the official TI Twitch channel, covering a number of different regional broadcasts. They are as follows:

Fans will be able to catch the live action on the aforementioned links.

The Group Stage for this year's TI was a close affair, especially Group B. Evil Geniuses topped Group A with an imposing score of 7-0-2, but the spotlight shone on BOOM Esports, who prevailed over Soniqs and BetBoom Team in tiebreakers to qualify for the playoffs.

Tundra finishes Group Stage at the top of Group B with a 14-4 record.#TI11

Group B had Tundra Esports on the top after the dust settled, with both Tundra and Team Secret managing five wins from the Group Stage. Team Spirit came in the middle of the pack, with Talon Esports and TSM being knocked out from Group B.

There's still a lot of DOTA 2 left in this year's The International, and if the Group Stage is any indication, fans are in for a treat. We have seen some top-class gameplay, and it is only going to get better as we get into the business end of the tournament.

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