Dr Disrespect is back on Twitch in an unimagined manner, thanks to GTA RP

Image Via MLG
Image Via MLG
Daniel Wenerowicz

Dr Disrespect has made his way back on Twitch through his likeness thanks to some recent GTA RP streams that have taken place on the NoPixel server.

The NoPixel GTA RP server is a role-playing server that many of the largest streamers have been playing on. After the rise of the streamer Rust server that was created by OfflineTV, GTA RP appeared to be the next big thing. Streamers like xQc and Summit1g are just a couple of streamers that use the server.

Burn, another streamer on the GTA RP server, brought his own Dr Disrespect character into the game. Not only was that yet another entertaining character for viewers to watch, but it was the latest way in which Dr Disrespect has appeared on Twitch after his ban.

Not only did Burn take on the role of Dr Disrespect, but he also replayed infamous moments such as going into a bathroom with the character and tweeting out a picture of it in a game. It was a reference to a temporary Twitch ban that Dr Disrespect had in the past, when his cameraman followed him into the bathroom with other people during a livestream.

Dr Disrespect and his appearances on Twitch with games like GTA RP


Burn may be the latest Twitch streamer to bring attention to Dr Disrespect by using GTA RP on the platform since the latter's ban, but he certainly isn't the first.

One of the most recurring ways that Dr Disrespect has managed to appear on the Twitch platform is through his own songs. Some of the music that he or his fans have created, all of which feature his own voice, has been played by many of the top streamers on Twitch. That means that thousands of Twitch viewers are exposed to the banned streamer.

Rogue Company is another way in which Dr Disrespect is able to bypass the rules. His likeness is in the third person shooter as a skin for one of the characters. Major streamers have been known to use the skin to stream Rogue Company, which is yet another way for Doc to appear.

The last time Twitch made a rule in that regard was when Dr. Disrespect was speaking through Nadeshot's stream during a Warzone event. After that, a rule was made specifically for playing the real time voices of banned streamers.

To this day, there are still no official details on Dr Disrespect's ban. Soon enough, it'll be an entire year without hearing any concrete information.

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