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Dr. Disrespect partners with Indian YouTuber Sc0ut in latest stream

(Image Credit: Dr. Disrespect)
(Image Credit: Dr. Disrespect)
Modified 22 Aug 2020, 08:12 IST

Dr. Disrespect just started his stream, and already 100,000 people are watching. This controversial streamer is known for his intensity and his iconic hairstyle, and so far it looks like he’s ready to bring all of that back for his audience. Fans won't want to miss watching him over on YouTube, his new streaming home.

Dr. Disrespect streams alongside Indian YouTuber Sc0ut

Of course, this stream he’s partnering with the Indian YouTuber Sc0ut. It looks like the two of them are gearing up to play some high level Call of Duty. Prior to the game, however, both streamers took some time to wait for their audiences to build, with Sc0ut's broadcast reaching up to 60,000 viewers.

During this time, Dr. Disrespect took some time to let his newfound Indian fanbase familiarize themselves with him, sang a personalized rendition of "Feliz Navidad", and let everyone soak up his production value and personality.

Overall, it promises to be an exciting time.


Dr. Disrespect settles in to his new environment

Dr. Disrespect has been streaming on YouTube for a while now, starting off his revival with over 10 hours of nothing but a mostly static image and faint audio that somehow managed to attract over 300,000 viewers.

However, with the marketing stunts completed, Dr. Disrespect started streaming in earnest shortly after. Despite the move from Twitch taking a while and being wrapped up in speculation and controversy, it seems he has made himself a home on YouTube.

Perhaps most notable is that Dr. Disrespect managed to pull a significant portion of his Twitch community with him to YouTube, something previous streamers were unable to do. It’s likely his platform of choice played a large part in his success. 

Despite the fact that the “movement” for viewers amounts to little more than typing in a new URL, many Twitch viewers for other prominent streamers were unwilling to migrate to platforms such as Mixer.

Because YouTube is already a familiar space for many viewers, and almost everyone has a YouTube account already, Dr. Disrespect may have made the right choice in selecting YouTube as his new platform.

Published 22 Aug 2020, 05:45 IST
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