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Dr. Disrespect retracts old statement saying mobile gamers “are not real gamers”

(Image Credit: Essentially Sports)
(Image Credit: Essentially Sports)
Modified 22 Aug 2020, 07:44 IST

Dr. Disrespect shared a stream with a popular Indian streamer, Sc0ut, during which it became apparent that the two shared little on-stream chemistry. In the middle of the stream, Dr. Disrespect began talking with Sc0ut about PUBG Mobile and mobile gaming as a whole, during which he talked about his old comments about mobile gamers not being real gamers.

Dr. Disrespect and Sc0ut

A little background about their shared stream, Dr. Disrespect is a well known personality streamer from California who built his audience through his high production value and intense personality. Sc0ut OP is a competitive PUBG Mobile player and popular streamer from India.

Despite these two having little reason to meet up, they decided to share a stream together as a publicity stunt. Unfortunately, throughout the stream it became clear that the two had little in common either in terms of gaming preferences or cultural backgrounds.

What followed was an awkward stream that could best be described as “two gamers playing games next to each other.”

Dr. Disrespect brings up old comments


After running out of things to talk about, Sc0ut prompted Dr. Disrespect to ask questions about the PUBG Mobile competitive scene. After answering a few questions about the screen size limitations and what sort of peripherals you are allowed to use, Dr. Disrespect announced that he wanted to get ahead of some potential controversy.

He brought up an old statement about mobile gamers not being real gamers and brushed it off as a “spur of the moment” statement.

Dr. Disrespect and Sc0ut play Fall Guys

These comments came after playing Call of Duty and having a somewhat poor performance. Dr. Disrespect and Sc0ut moved on to playing Fall Guys instead, even though this game didn’t really mesh with Dr. Disrespect’s intensity or Sc0ut’s competitive skill. Nevertheless, the novelty of the game made for a good break.

And at the very least, it put a pause to the more awkward gameplay they had previously been engaged in.

Viewers can still watch Dr. Disrespect streaming with Sc0ut live on YouTube.

Published 22 Aug 2020, 07:44 IST
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