Dr DisRespect says people from all backgrounds, including gay and trans people, are welcome on his stream following Starfield controversy

Dr DisRespect says gay, lesbian and trans people are welcome on his stream (Image via Sportskeeda)
Dr DisRespect says gay, lesbian and trans people are welcome on his stream (Image via Sportskeeda)

YouTube streamer Dr DisRespect, colloquially called Doc by his community, recently announced on his stream that people from all ethnicities and backgrounds, including gay, lesbian, and trans people, are welcome on his stream. This comes days after a rant about not being accepted by Bethesda for Starfield's promotion due to "past controversies." The Two Timer had decided to check out Bethesda Game Studios' head of publishing, Pete Hines' X (formerly Twitter) profile while streaming, and after seeing pronouns in Hines' profile, he said:

"Everything is starting to make sense now. Got it."

The streamer has made a name for himself for speaking his mind in a bombastic and callous way while portraying the character of the Dr DisRespect. Over the years, he has also been embroiled in a number of controversies, and one of the most recent ones is his rant about being rejected for getting a Starfield review copy.

While the pronouns controversy has become an issue in itself, the Doc addressed the response to the clip on his most recent Starfield stream, where he announced:

"On this channel, inside of this arena, it doesn't matter who you are or what your background is, or where you're from. It doesn't matter. White, Mexican, black, gay, lesbian, trans, it doesn't matter. 'Cus you know why? We don't care inside the arena. We just want you to get to your front row f*cking ticket, sit down, watch your flappy gums because it's show time here, it's that simple. We don't f*cking care."

"We don't deal with politics": Dr DisRespect addresses recent controversy about queerphobia in recent Starfield stream

The big speech about being inclusive towards people from all ethnicities and sexualities has been seen by many as a direct result of the recent backlash from his statements that have led some to label him a transphobe for his reaction to seeing 'he/him' in an X account belonging to a Bethesda employee.

What prompted him to talk about the controversy directly before he started playing Starfield was a question from a viewer who had asked how Dr DisRespect stays "politically correct." The streamer read out the question before answering:

"I'm curious how you balance being true to yourself with having to be politically correct."

Timestamp 28:36

Echoing his recent post on X, the Doc insisted that he has kept politics out of his YouTube channel since its inception and told his viewers that it is impossible to "win" while talking about the topic:

"As you know on this channel, and it's been like this since we started it eight years ago, we don't deal with politics. You can't, you just won't win. You got your extreme left, you got your extreme right. We don't deal with it."

Reactions from X

Esports professional Hun2r posted a clip of the stream on X that has gained some traction. Here are some of the general reactions to that:

Dr DisRespect's posts about keeping politics out of video games have also seen quite a lot of traction online. Readers might be interested to know that he was one of the streamers to actively boycott Call of Duty during the Nickmercs controversy.

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