EG signs 15 man CS: GO roster ahead of IEM Rio Major 2022

Evil Geniuses is one of the oldest esports organizations in the world (Image via Sportskeeda)
Evil Geniuses is one of the oldest esports organizations in the world (Image via Sportskeeda)

EG's re-entry into professional CS: GO in 2019 was up there in the most celebrated news in the community. Following it up with big wins in 2020 bode well for the team to rise back to its former stature. However, since then, the roster's performances have been quite lackluster, to say the least.

The North American CS: GO scene itself seems to be in remission with declining viewership and players leaving for other FPS titles. The Canadian organization plans to solve both these problems with what they are calling "The Blueprint."

Read on to find out exactly how EG plans to disrupt Counter-Strike esports in NA.

Why did EG sign Carpe Diem & Party Astronauts to their CS: GO team?

Both Carpe Diem and Party Astronauts are "academy" CS: GO teams who have competed at the B-tier of several major league events. The total number of players in the Counter-Strike wing of EG now stands at 15.

Evil Geniuses have signed enough cs pros to fill a high school yearbook page dear lord

The reason they have signed so many pros is that the company aims to create a "fluid" 15-man roster by next year. The management has listed several reasons behind their decision, but in essence, this is being done to decrease the fatigue of players and ensure that they always put their best foot forward at all events.

The "main" team, the one led by Stewie2K, will continue competing in the top-tier events, with the new teams representing EG in other competitions.


All the teams will practice together, and players from the newly-signed sides will stand to join the main roster when its members are not performing at their peak.

The event cycle in CS: GO is famously never-ending, so the idea here is that the organization can prioritize important events over others by selectively sending different teams and also having two or three sides compete in the same tournament.

@JakeSucky Orgs not investing in NA CS EG:

The new joiners will also be housed at the org's headquarters in Seattle to fulfill another goal of the "Blueprint" plan, i.e., to get a better practice environment for all players.

Danny Engels, Director of Gaming Excellence at EG, said:

"[With the] practice environment in North America not being on par, we basically take the infrastructure in-house and invest a lot of resources to make sure our practice allows us to catch up with the European counterparts."

A similar plan has worked wonders with their League of Legends roster, with two academy players promoted to the main team, which went on to win the LCS season in NA. With IEM Rio in a few months, the stage is set for the world to see how Evil Geniuses' plan works out in CS: GO.

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