“End of an era”: Fans react as E3 2023 reportedly gets canceled

E3 2023 is unfortunately, being canceled.
After several companies backed out, E3 2023 is confirmed to be cancelled (Image via E3 Expo)

According to recent updates, E3 2023 is officially being canceled. Several companies had already pulled out of the event over the last few weeks, with many promising their own previews and presentations throughout early spring. Originally scheduled for June 13-16 2023, the event will no longer be conducted. The reveal was announced via email, which has since been confirmed to be valid and accurate.

The fan reaction to the cancelation of E3 2023 has varied wildly across the internet. Some fans view it as the “end of an era,” while others frankly aren’t shocked that the long-time institution is shutting its doors yet again. Here is what’s known about the unfortunate reveal of the E3 expo not taking place this year.

Fan reactions vary wildly at the announcement of E3 2023 cancelation

According to the email in question, E3 2023 did not gain enough interest to be worth putting on. The amount of interest in the expo this year did not warrant an event at all, whether shifting to a digital event or simply keeping things going as planned.

The list of developers that confirmed they would not be attending in the first place has grown over the past few weeks. Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Tencent, SEGA, Ubisoft, and Devolver Digital all made it clear they weren’t going to participate.

According to Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot, during a February earnings call, there was talk of this year's expo not happening at all.

The reactions varied when it came to the news of the expo's cancelation, from huge content creators like Esfand of OTK being disappointed, to gamers around the country not being the least bit shocked.

Others thought it was about time, considering E3 inadvertently released the personal information of thousands back in 2019. Some would instead look towards other events that were doing well, such as Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest.

Unfortunately, E3 2023 has officially been canceled, but thankfully, fans will have quite a few other outlets for gaming information throughout the summer. Summer Games Fest is on the way, and several major publishers will also be hosting reveals.

Unfortunately, the email also doesn't clarify the future of E3. While it does state that the ESA is still committed to advocacy work, there is no official word on E3 coming back next year.

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