Epic Games vs Apple lawsuit results in massive Fortnite leaks becoming public for the first time

Lawsuit Leads to Leaks {Image via Sportskeeda}
Lawsuit Leads to Leaks {Image via Sportskeeda}
Kayelynne Harrison

Fortnite is trending today in part due to the fact that the Epic Games vs Apple court case is now in full motion, but also because several epic leaks have surfaced on Twitter. The trusted and avid Fortnite leaker known as HYPEX on Twitter has managed to curate all of the news and then some on their feed.

Epic Games vs Apple lawsuit results in massive Fortnite leaks becoming public for the first time

Fortnite loopers everywhere are currently engaged in discussions surrounding all of the leaks that are coming to the surface amidst the lawsuit involving Apple and Epic Games. Though Chapter 2 Season 6 is filled with twists and turns, iOS players have been unable to discover what the Season entails as Apple has been keeping Fortnite out of the App Store.

While these platform limitations have been frustrating, loopers are coming together now in hopes that some of the following rumors might be true.

The latest of many leaks today suggests that not only will new skins and collaborations be coming to the battlefield, but also a new style of gameplay. While the storm has been an iconic piece of the massive machine that is Fortnite, it seems it may be absent from this supposed "open word simulation" map. All, of course, according to HYPEX on Twitter.

While HYPEX might have the scoop on an open world "sandbox mode" that could potentially and exponentially change Fortnite as it is known by the community, some smaller in-game additions have been leaked as well.

Rumors of Ariana Grande's in-game appearance have been circulating for quite some time after a skin design was created by a creator who has had several skins already featured on the battlefield. Now, rumors of Lady Gaga's in-game debut are surfacing this year, as Fortnite supposedly missed the opportunity last year.

Along with famous pop icons, the famous anime character known as Naruto Uzumaki could also make an appearance within Fortnite after his in-game appearance was nearly confirmed, though not developed or featured within Season 5.

With Epic Games' recent anime bundle featured within the Fortnite Item Shop, it is possible that more anime characters will make their way to players' lockers.

As tensions rise during this difficult court case, Fortnite loopers' standards and hopes are still high as they express a deep desire to see these rumors play out. Though nothing has been confirmed, surely anything is possible on the battlefield.

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