"Escape the matrix, b*llocks" - KSI derides Andrew Tate, calling him "dumb" for demeaning women

KSI derides Andrew Tate, calls him "dumb" for demeaning women (Image via Sportskeeda)
KSI derides Andrew Tate for demeaning women (Image via Sportskeeda)

British YouTuber and exhibition boxer JJ "KSI" has voiced his opinions against the controversial Andrew Tate. Recent events have seen the duo exchange some heated words. The latter criticized the British content creator for supporting Tate's censorship. Since then, KSI has taken to the ring to call out the former kickboxer.

In his first YouTube post-fight video, the 29-year-old was seen adding to his previous criticism of the controversial Anglo-American. Reacting to Tate's vitriolic speech, JJ ridiculed Tate's sermons by saying:

"Escape the matrix, b*llocks."

KSI berates Andrew Tate for toxic behavior

The Sidemen member was all guns blazing in his new video uploaded to his second channel, JJ Olatunji. While reacting to a Reddit post, JJ fanned his thoughts on the recent fiasco between himself and Tate. Speaking about the latter, the YouTuber said:

"You wanna come at me? You wanna be like 'Yeah, Jake Paul's gonna smoke me.' Shut the f**k up with your Top G sh*t and your whole escape the matrix b*llocks."

He further added:

"He said I was a fan. I never was a fan. I said I agreed with some of your comments when it came to hard work and success."

(Timestamp: 8:18)

He continued:

"But then when you start talking about women, I was like 'What you on about bro? Are you dumb?"

JJ also derided the former kickboxer by pointing out one of his more ridiculous beliefs when the latter claimed that he prefers male pilots over women. According to the YouTuber:

"No, I'm picking the better pilot! What are you on about? Why you being stupid? Why you demeaning women repeatedly?"

He concluded his rant by mentioning that he had changed his attitude over the years. However, Tate appears to condone sexist views even at a mature age.

Fans react to KSI's rant

Twitter fans have been all over the drama in recent weeks. With JJ calling out Tate, fans are eager to see how the fight will fare. Users have flooded social media with their reactions. The following are some of the comments that were shared on Twitter:

Despite the ongoing drama, Logan Paul urged KSI not to give Tate a platform, given that the latter was banned from multiple social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. It remains to be seen if the self-proclaimed "Top G" will respond to JJ's criticism.

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