Ethan Klein responds after Colleen Ballinger's lawyer sends cease and desist letter to the YouTuber's fan channel instead of him

Ethan Klein responds to Colleen Ballinger
Ethan Klein responds to Colleen Ballinger's lawyer comical mistake (Image via Sportskeeda)

YouTuber and podcaster Ethan Klein recently provided a rather unusual update about his ongoing feud with fellow YouTuber and comedian Colleen Ballinger. In a comical turn of events, Colleen's lawyer mistakenly sent a cease and desist letter to a fan channel called Ethan's Basement instead of directly contacting Ethan. The notice was regarding Ethan using clips from Colleen's recent video in which she addressed an ongoing controversy in the form of a song.

Ethan Klein gives his take on Colleen Ballinger trying to claim his video for using her music

Colleen Ballinger has faced significant criticism following the emergence of some troubling allegations. In a more recent video, she addressed these allegations and denied them. However, her video received additional backlash due to her use of a ukulele in responding to serious accusations.

Several YouTubers have subsequently used clips from Colleen's video in their own content, and they have faced copyright claims from Colleen's team. Notably, Ethan Klein recently received a cease and desist notice from Colleen's lawyers for using these clips. However, the notice was mistakenly sent to a fan channel.

Klein shared a screenshot of the email sent to the fan channel on Twitter. In the email, Colleen's lawyer made remarks about Ethan making false statements regarding her intentions to monetize the song. Here's a screenshot of the email:

Ethan shares the email (Image via H3 Podcast/YouTube)
Ethan shares the email (Image via H3 Podcast/YouTube)

Regarding the notice, he said:

"What I find compelling about this is that they don't care about the other stuff (allegations). It's just the CD Baby sh*t, that was too far. Not the grooming, not her brother is a p*dophile..."

(Timestamp: 00:20:25)

In addition, Ethan also made a critical comment about Colleen's lawyer, who reportedly also represented Bill Cosby, a figure accused of s*xual assault.

Here's what fans said

The tweet about the lawyer mistakenly sending the notice to a fan channel garnered a significant number of reactions. Here are some of the top replies:

The situation involving Colleen Ballinger has become one of the most widely discussed topics within the online community in recent weeks.