“You deserve this s**t man”: Fans celebrate as The Act Man’s YouTube channel gets remonetized

Fans celebrate as The Act Man’s YouTube channel gets remonetized (Image via Sportskeeda)
Fans celebrate as The Act Man’s YouTube channel gets remonetized (Image via Sportskeeda)

Kelly, "The Act Man," took to his official Twitter account to share the news of him getting remonetized by YouTube. The American streamer is best known for his Call of Duty and Halo gameplay. The YouTuber faced multiple strikes, which resulted in his channel getting demonetized. The Act Man received a strike on July 8 after suggestively editing a cucumber in Quantum TV's mouth.

The video would later be taken down for violating the policies laid down by the platform. However, he was remonetized earlier today. One fan congratulated him by saying:

"You deserve this s**t man."
Fan sends their regards to the YouTuber (Image via Twitter)
Fan sends their regards to the YouTuber (Image via Twitter)

The Act Man reveals getting remonetized after controversy with Quantum TV

The Quantum TV feud with Kelly started earlier this month when the former made some controversial comments regarding the LGBTQ+ community and some brazen comments regarding the copyright claims.

In response, The Act Man sarcastically made a YouTube video titled "Copyright Abuse on YouTube - Featuring Quantum TV" in April 2022.

In retaliation, Quantum TV would copyright claim the video and get in touch with Kelly's mother over the issue. The Act Man took the feud further by making a mock video of him with suggestive illustrations. The video was later taken down before his channel got demonetized.

While I appreciate this, the tweet was unmistakable satire of YouTube's inaction to do anything about my family being doxed by another content creator.Common sense would suggest being a victim of doxing, that I would never wish doxing on other people seriously.…

Upon revealing the news through his Twitter page, viewers showered in with their support as #JusticeForActMan trended, generating over 100,000 tweets in just one week on Twitter, with several contributors with millions of subscribers weighing in.

Additionally, fans were heavily critical of YouTube's decision to add a strike to his channel and siding with Quantum TV despite his antics. The 27-year-old did eventually get his channel back.

I have officially been
@PoorlyAgedStuff Guess you could say this picture has...aged poorly

Fans react to Act Man's channel getting reinstated

Fortunately for the American, his channel was remonetized earlier today. After sharing the news on his Twitter page, Kelly received much praise from the gaming community. Here are some of the Tweets that fans have left under his post:

@TheActMan_YT My heart goes out to all the Quantum fans out there

Many streamers and content creators themselves have come forward to share their best wishes with the content creator. Here are some of the tweets that have been made dedicated to his channel being restored:

@TheActMan_YT welcome back to the land of the living
@TheActMan_YT Dude, this makes me so happy. Congrats mate. Onto bigger and better things.

The 27-year-old YouTuber presently has over 1.56 million subscribers. He posts monthly, with most of his content coming in the form of skits and satirical commentaries.

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