The Act Man vs. Quantum TV saga: A full timeline of events on how YouTube is failing its content creators

YouTuber The Act Man had a recent video deleted (Image via TheActMan_YT/Instagram & YouTube)
YouTuber The Act Man had a recent video deleted (Image via TheActMan_YT/Instagram & YouTube)

It is official. YouTube has now stooped to a new low. The Act Man’s channel has been completely demonetized, and he is about to be removed from the YouTube Partner Program. The Act Man has been a part of the YouTube community for about seven years now, and all his work and loyalty to the platform have been seemingly ignored as his channel is in grave peril.

YouTube has failed to enforce its TOS (terms of service), and The Act Man’s latest video outlining the abuse of TOS and the copyright system by Quantum TV has been pulled from the platform.

Other content creators are being attacked by YouTube because of me. Don't care if my YouTube channel is banned anymore. Martyr me for Cordis Die.Keep the revolution alive.#JusticeForActMan

There is way to tell whether Quantum TV had this video removed, but the connection is as clear as day. The Act Man’s Dark Age of YouTube video was pulled for deliberately promoting nudity, which is a baseless accusation as the video just spoke about YouTube’s shortcomings and Quantum TV’s content.

This attack on a beloved channel like The Act Man, that has provided quality content over the years, is unfair. There is no excuse as to why YouTube defends Quantum TV, which is even stranger considering this is Pride Month, and Quantum TV has used hateful language when talking about the LGBTQ+ community.

YouTube has failed to uphold the TOS that it stands for, and it has completely failed its content creators, who have literally given years of quality content to the platform.

How it all started, and how YouTube’s complete mismanagement of a situation led to Quantum TV running rampant on the platform


This all began in March when Quantum TV posted his hilariously bad take on Elden Ring. He made some statements that weren't exactly logical. His opinions about Elden Ring were filled with hate, which other content creators critiqued in their videos.

Quantum TV is also a known copyright abuser on YouTube. He has used the copyright system on multiple occasions to take down videos from other channels on the platform with impunity. There is still no rule or system in place that protects content creators on YouTube from creators like Quantum TV.

After his hilarious yet idiotic take on Elden Ring, small-time YouTuber Mischief made a video detailing all of Quantum TV's statements.

Using other creators’ videos falls under the Fair Use law and is completely legal so long as the creator makes something original with the content that they have borrowed. Quantum TV flagged the 17-year-old Mischief's video for a copyright strike, and he has systematically done this throughout the years. Any sort of criticism against Quantum TV is met with a copyright strike, and YouTube has done nothing to Quantum TV and other copyright abusers.

The Act Man provides indisputable proof of Quantum TV's actions


The Act Man released a video titled Elden Ring Hot Takes. This video talked about people’s unjustified criticism of Elden Ring and how they are hating on the game just because such content can garner views. He heavily featured the now-removed Quantum TV review of Elden Ring.

After the release of the video, Quantum TV moved to flag it, citing his usual reasons. The Act Man’s video was kept on the platform, and Quantum TV was not having any of it.

The next few weeks were extremely weird. Quantum TV violated TOS and incited his band of followers who stood against his critics. As detailed by The Act Man, Quantum TV refused any form of vocal dialogue between himself and The Act Man. Quantum TV violated TOS and community guidelines yet again by contacting Act Man’s mother twice. Quantum TV threatened legal action against The Act Man’s mother and insinuated thinly-veiled threats against The Act Man and his family.


This rabbit hole goes much deeper. Quantum TV has a blog post and multiple social media accounts (that have now been deleted) where he posted some insanely inappropriate things. He has repeatedly called for the deaths of LGBTQ+ members, and when met with replies, he has asked people on numerous occasions to go kill themselves.

He has also been insensitive with some of his game reviews, mainly Horizon Forbidden West and Spider-Man Miles Morales, by involving the Black Lives Matter movement. Quantum TV has also called The Batman actor Zoë Kravitz a “half-breed” on YouTube.

The Act Man has been engaged in this battle against Quantum TV ever since his Elden Ring Hot Takes video.

YouTube has failed its content creators, and as Act Man stated, this is indeed a dark age for the platform. The Act Man’s latest video once again detailed the incompetence of YouTube’s review staff. Quantum TV's multiple TOS and community-guideline violations were ignored, and Act Man's latest video was pulled from the website due to an excess of nudity and sexual content, which is just a misguided accusation.

Clearly, the video was mass-flagged by Quantum TV’s supporters, and YouTube pulled the video without watching a second of it. The appeal to get it reinstated on the platform was rejected within 30 minutes of filing the appeal; the video in question was 50 minutes long. This makes absolutely no sense, and there is most certainly corruption at play here.


The Act Man has been informed by a representative of the YouTube partner program that he will be removed from the service soon. Quantum TV, however, has got off scot-free. Even now, he continues to attack other YouTubers like ReviewTechUSA, Mischief (a 17-year-old in the UK), and countless others for speaking out against him.

YouTube clearly has bigger priorities like removing the Dislike button and supporting an individual who has nothing but inappropriate things to say. Quantum TV has spread misinformation about COVID, which is downright illegal by law, and has on multiple occasions stated that the 2020 elections were rigged.

A generous portion of the community feels that he does not deserve to have a platform, and for every day that his channel is not deleted, YouTube is to blame.

YouTube has taken another step in making sure that this issue does not get a platform. They are silencing the entire YouTube community by flagging any mention of The Act Man.

Various videos across the platform are getting demonetized instantly for just addressing the issue.

Hostiles have gained a command post

There is just no future for YouTube if they keep pulling these tactics and silencing actual content creators that have given their blood, sweat, and tears for the betterment of the platform.

Quantum TV is still uploading on a regular basis and has a free pass to express himself the way he sees fit all over YouTube. #JusticeforActMan is trending on Twitter at the moment, and there will be no rest until YouTube holds itself accountable for its inability to see the truth.

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