“Two wrongs don’t make a right”: Fan believes The Act Man shouldn’t have tweeted about doxing YouTube employees’ families

Many believe that Act Man has been at the end of a poor decision (Image via The Act Man)
Many believe that Act Man has been at the end of a poor decision (Image via The Act Man)

The controversy surrounding YouTube and The Act Man continues as social media takes sides over the matter. This is the culmination of a long-drawn brawl between the YouTuber mentioned above and Quantum TV.

What started as an issue of copyright has quickly evolved into a very serious situation, which has seen The Act Man's YouTube channel being demonetized.

@TheActMan_YT I mean you can’t threaten your boss by saying you are going to dox his family and say it was satire like….? Do I agree with QuantumTV no but 2 wrongs don’t make a right

The saga took a turn when one of the channels was demonetized. Many fans can't believe that YouTube has decided to punish one of them while sparing the other. One user commented that what The Act Man did by threatening the families of YouTube was wrong.

They feel that the two wrongs don't justify each other, so YouTube has made the correct decision. Others have responded to it and informed how they feel about the entire demonetization issue.

The gaming community reacts to YouTube's one-sided action against The Act Man

While The Act Man has received a lot of support, some feel that his actions against YouTube are justified due to his verbal antics. However, the YouTuber himself has claimed that he was being satirical over the entire issue.

While Twitter user @_Cobradamus_ claimed that YouTube is justified in its actions, others aren't quite sure. Some feel that a failure to understand satire at this point is lame.

@_Cobradamus_ @TheActMan_YT So I guess you just don't understand the concept of satire do you? It was never intended as a actual threat, he was mocking YouTubes unwillingness to take action against Quantum for doxxing him and his family by saying he would do the same to them (obviously a joke) lol

Another person also believes that it's quite easy to understand that the supposed threat was given out in satire. However, YouTube has turned it into a serious affair by demonetizing the channel.

@PashskiRusso @MisterSuperSalt @_Cobradamus_ @TheActMan_YT How can anyone ever take this as serious, and not obvious satire. Look at him, who posts a genuine, real threat and looks like this while doing it?

By not banning Quantum TV, some users even believe that YouTube has just made a biased decision in handing out the ban. Most believe that it's YouTube who has harassed The Act Man by demonetizing his channel for no strong reason.

@_Cobradamus_ @TheActMan_YT Coworker: *doxes/false copyright claims someone*Boss: "This is fine, no punishment for him, I see nothing wrong with what he did"Actman: "Well if you like doing so much what if I did it to you"Boss: "No you can't do that to your higher ups, only other peasants"

For one Twitter user, it's quite sketchy how one person is on the receiving end of consequences, while Quantum TV has faced no sanctions at all.

@_Cobradamus_ @TheActMan_YT Read the tweets he referred to it's so clearly Irony. He's not even threatening anyone specifically. Also why does he get demonetized and everything about him stomped into the ground and Quantum is fine? It's sketchy.

Another user also believes that by handing a ban, YouTube will now hear about someone threatening to "dox" their employees and their families.

@_Cobradamus_ @TheActMan_YT Yes you're right, but the precedence that YT set made it seem like Actman could do it with no repurcussionNow, not only was Actman banned, but QTV is still on - so there's a double standard (which supports Actman's point)

Some believe that so-called "threats" to "dox" were just an imitation of how YouTube has handled this entire situation.

@_Cobradamus_ @TheActMan_YT He was essentially imitating how YouTube is with their guidelines. He wasn't being authentic. It was clearly him acting how YouTube does.

For most Twitter users, taking Act Man's comments seriously is a failure to take a joke.

@_Cobradamus_ @TheActMan_YT You can't seriously read that and take it as a threat, right? It's clearly a joke. I've seen far worse.

Many have opined that talking about something and actually doing it are two different things.

@_Cobradamus_ @TheActMan_YT There’s a difference between saying something dark and doing something dark

It remains to be seen how the entire case develops and if YouTube will reinstate the account of Act Man, much to the delight of the community.

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