Fans react as Pokimane shares cute snippets of new cat's recent activities

Pokimane's new kitten fell into the toilet, and fans reacted (Images via Pokimanelol/Twitter)
Pokimane's new kitten fell into the toilet, and fans reacted (Images via Pokimanelol/Twitter)

Twitch star Pokimane announced that she had welcomed the newest member of her family earlier this month. She hopped onto Twitter, asking her fans and followers to suggest a name for her new fur companion.

Since then, the kitten has made tons of appearances on the streamer's broadcasts. A week later, Pokimane joked that she had decided to name her cat Barack Obama Junior. The Morocco-Canadian finally revealed that she had christened the kitten Beau.

On April 29, the content creator uploaded a series of pictures of her kitten on her alternative Twitter account. She notified her fans about its antics and stated that her kitten was "broken" and asked for a refund.

An hour later, Pokimane shared two more images of the kitten after he seemingly fell into the toilet.

Fans flocked in and reacted to the feline's hilarious shenanigans, with some suggesting ideas to help the online star train her kitten so that he doesn't find himself in dangerous situations.

Twitter reacts to Pokimane's update regarding her kitten

The OfflineTV member's good friend Aria Saki had a funny response regarding Beau falling into the toilet.

Twitch streamer Wendy "Natsumiii" replied by saying:

Fans tried to explain the kitten's situation:

Many Twitter users provided the 25-year-old with some advice. One suggestion mentioned that she should be on the lookout to see if her kitten inhaled the water.

The user recalled their cat's experience, as it got water in its lungs and required a visit to the veterinarian.

Another Twitter user suggested that the Twitch sensation keep the toilet seat down. If the kitten falls on his head, there is a possibility that it might start panicking, resulting in him getting stuck in the closed space.

Some followers expressed their concerns regarding the orientation of the toilet paper holder.

One user explained why the internet sensation had oriented the bathroom tool in such a way. According to him, cats generally pull down the toilet paper roll, making a mess.

Many fans supported the streamer and replied by posting a plethora of wholesome messages:

The Legacy Award winner is one of the most prominent streaming personalities on Twitch and is also a co-founding member of the famous streamer organization, OfflineTV. This year, she became one of the first female gamers on the platform to amass a massive following of 9 million fans.

The gamer has played several competitive games throughout her streaming career, like League of Legends, Valorant, Fortnite, etc.

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