“She just stares at him”: Pokimane talks about how her cat Mimi feels about newest member of her family

Pokimane revealed that a new cat had become the latest member of her family (Image via Pokimane/Twitter)
Pokimane revealed that a new cat had become the latest member of her family (Image via Pokimane/Twitter)

Pokimane hinted at an announcement on April 8 on Twitter, saying that she had been keeping a secret and that viewers would be able to learn what she had been hiding by tuning into her upcoming livestream.

As viewers and fans joined her stream, the Twitch star revealed that a new cat had joined her as a family member.

Dedicating the first half of her stream to introducing the newest family member, Pokimane was seen playing with the new cat and providing wholesome details about him. As the topic moved from one thing to the next, the streamer mentioned how her older cat, Mimi, had reacted to the addition of the new cat.

Mentioning Mimi's behavior, Pokimane stated:

"She (Mimi) just stares at him, but it's like you really have nothing to be territorial about. Nothing."

Pokimane shares how her cat Mimi feels about the new cat that joined the streamer's family


The content creator decided to surprise her loyal fans and viewers by announcing that she had been keeping a secret. After fans speculated a lot before she started her daily livestream, it was revealed that the 25-year-old had adopted a new cat.

Fans had a very wholesome reaction to her reveal when she asked them to suggest a name for her new fur companion. Poki also dedicated the initial hours of the stream to talking about the new cat and how her old cat, Mimi, feels about its inclusion.

After livestreaming for around half an hour, Mimi came on the stream and was seen feeling a bit agitated. Trying to calm Mimi down, the Moroccan-Canadian said:

"No, it's fun! It's cool! We are good! Yeah!"

VOD for the clip begins at 00:30:49

Listening to its owner's words of reconciliation, Mimi hilariously hopped onto her gaming chair and made herself comfortable. Giving a bit more insight into how Mimi has been feeling, Poki mentioned:

"You can tell she's been a little aggravated, per se."

Her new cat came over to the streamer, who greeted him:

"Hi, little sweetie. Hello!"

After watching the internet personality embrace the newest member of her family, Mimi let out a loud cry, expressing her agitation even further. The Twitch streamer said:

"Hey, it's okay. He's just a baby. He does not know anything! You are the boss, Mimi. You're the boss!"

She let the kitten let go and laughed while looking at Mimi's antics. Explaining how Mimi feels, Pokimane said:

"She is like, you used to hold me like that. Baby, I'll hold you anytime you want! I love you. Yes, and I will prove it to you that I still love you. Bro, she just monkaStare'd (Twitch emoticon) at me. Here, look at the chat or something."

Noticing what the new cat is doing, the online starlet mentioned:

"Oh, he (the new cat) is beneath the chair, and they're just staring at each other"

Twitch chat reacts to Mimi's antics on stream

Audiences in the streamer's Twitch chat had their hearts melt after watching both the cats interact. Many members stated that the behavior expressed by Mimi was normal and would subside in the coming days.

Fans reacting to the cats on stream (Image via Pokimane/Twitch chat)
Fans reacting to the cats on stream (Image via Pokimane/Twitch chat)

Pokimane played with both of her cats for another ten minutes, after which she continued to stream regularly. Soon enough, she hopped into the world of Valorant, playing the competitive FPS for the rest of her stream.

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