“No one expected that”- Fans react as Sodapoppin joins OTK as its co-owner

The streaming community on social media platforms reacts to Sodapoppin joining One True King on July 22 (Image via Sportskeeda)
The streaming community on social media platforms reacts to Sodapoppin joining One True King on July 22 (Image via Sportskeeda)

One True King's (OTK) announcement regarding Twitch sensation Chance "Sodapoppin" joining the streamer organization as a co-owner took the entire streaming and gaming community by surprise. The announcement was made moments before the OTK members ventured out to hunt for ghosts on the OTK Ghost Hunters stream earlier today.

The Streamer Awards' official Twitter handle had the following reaction upon hearing that the World of Warcraft gamer had joined forces with OTK:

Fans on Twitter and Reddit react to Sodapoppin joining OTK as a co-owner

Earlier today, One True King officially announced that Sodapoppin would join the streamer organization as a co-owner, and as expected, the update was a viral hit on the social media platform.

Twitch streamer and first-person shooter legend Michael "Shroud" commended the announcement video and praised the production team:

Shroud's girlfriend bnans shared a similar opinion:

Fans can watch the nine-minute long announcement video here:


Matthew "Mizkif," co-founder of OTK, reaffirmed that no one anticipated that Chance would end up joining the streaming organization:

EsfandTV expressed his happiness and stated that Chance would now finally be a part of OTK. He also shared a selfie with the Twitch star:

Several well-known internet personalities like Cloakzy, Sam Thorne, Happy Power, and Kala were also present in the conversation thread:

Several One True King members and co-founders welcomed the Twitch content creator to the organization:

VTuber and Twitch streamer Veibei's reaction attracted thousands of likes:

Other relevant fan reactions were along these lines:

A post about the announcement on the streamer subreddit r/LivestreamFail attracted over 1.6k upvotes and more than 220 comments.

Redditors were amused to see how Twitch streamer ComedyRussell went live on Sodapoppin's alternative Twitch channel to throw fans off guard:

Fans speculated on what would happen to Chance's stake in NRG Esports:

Here are some more fan reactions from the streamer subreddit:

Sodapoppin gives a small speech after joining OTK

Chance gave a brief speech about joining OTK as a co-owner during an IRL livestream hosted by Mizkif earlier today.

(Timestamp- 02:10:50)

At the two-hour mark of the stream, the Austin, Texas native reflected on his close affiliation with the streamer organization due to his roommate Nick "Nmplol" and said:

"But glad it's finally out. I've been pretty much, a pretty good part of, you know, for a while being Nick's (Nmplol) roommate for a while on top of that has kind of always been a part of things."

He then finally celebrated joining the streamer organization:

"It's good to finally officially be out there and not tip-toeing about it anymore. I am part of OTK!"

Chance is one of the biggest personalities on Twitch. He began livestreaming on Twitch back when it was called Justin.tv and has made a mark on the streaming world over the years.