“What dry world? Don’t talk about my relationships!” - Mizkif has a meltdown on stream while playing Super Mario 64 with Emiru

Mizkif gets infuriated after Emiru beats him in a Super Mario 64 speed-running race (Image via Sportskeeda)
Mizkif gets infuriated after Emiru beats him in a Super Mario 64 speed-running race (Image via Sportskeeda)

Twitch streamers Matthew "Mizkif" and Emily "Emiru" got together to play Super Mario 64 during a recent stream and decided to compete in a speed-running race.

After Emiru emerged victorious by setting a better speed run time, Mizkif began raging and accusing the former of cheating. He then called out Emiru by exclaiming:

"What dry world? Don't talk about my relationships!"

Mizkif is left stunned after seeing Emiru win the Super Mario 64 speed-running race and lashes out

Emiru hosted a three-hour long broadcast earlier today and dedicated the first half to reacting to some of the trending videos on the internet and playing Super Mario 64 in the second half of the stream.

She tagged along with the One True King (OTK) co-founder, and both decided to do a speed-running race for the classic game.

Matthew initially congratulated Emiru after she emerged victorious by beating the game in 23 minutes and five seconds, however, his tone instantly changed when he said:

"Hey, good win. Good job. I think you did a great job. Listen, Andrew Tate said that I should talk when women are talking, I should talk over them. So, I'm going to keep talking, okay, because you shouldn't be talking."

Emiru braced herself for what was about to come, as the Austin, Texas-based streamer started accusing the former of cheating by saying:

"So, let me just set the record straight here. Did you just pull an EE (referring to Twitch streamer EEvisu cheating on OTK's Schooled) on me? Did you just cheat?"

Emiru was puzzled hearing the statement and confronted Mizkif by asking how it would be possible for her to cheat on a Super Mario 64 speed-running race. The latter's response was:

"Emi, there's no f***ing way you hadn't been playing this game by yourself in your room the entire time while listening to Lo-Fi HipHop Girl on the other side of the screen. I know you have Doubelift on the right side of your monitor playing League of Legends while you're playing this game. There's no way in hell you did that well!"

Timestamp: 02:39:05

Mizkif's started lashing out even more and exclaimed:

"Listen, what are you talking about, Emi? You are out of your stupid f***ing godd*mn mind. You cheated! You cheated 100%, you played this game before. You've been playing multiple times. I haven't played this game in a year!"

Emiru clarified that they had played the game back in March, but Mizkif chose to ignore it.

He kept on ranting about how he was supposed to be playing Warner Bros' MultiVersus along with some of the big-named streamers, but the sponsors decided to give the opportunity to HasanAbi.

The 27-year-old gamer continued further by saying:

"Meanwhile, I'm sitting over here in Timbuktu on the island of misfit toys, having no f***ing content whatsoever, bored out of my godd*mn mind. Why am I here?! Why aren't we sponsored? Why are we playing Mario?!"

Mizkif and Emiru burst out laughing and soon started analyzing their speed-running tactics.

Fans react to Mizkif raging after losing the speed-running battle against Emiru

Fans on Emiru's Twitch chat were astounded to see how bitter Matthew was, and several fans told the latter to calm down. Here's what the Twitch chat looked like:

Fans in the Twitch chat reacting to the streamer's rage (Image via Emiru/Twitch)
Fans in the Twitch chat reacting to the streamer's rage (Image via Emiru/Twitch)

The streamers played one more round of the speed-running race, with Emiru winning the competition twice in a row.

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